What I’ve had to Give Up to become Joyful

This post was originally called 'What I've had to Give Up to be Happy' but I decided to use the word joyful instead because being happy is defined by circumstance, by situation and, at times, by others, whereas joy occurs in the absence of any particular circumstance. And all I've had to give up did… Continue reading What I’ve had to Give Up to become Joyful

Getting your Life Back on Track #SERIES

Over the past month, I've fallen into a huge rut, for most of the year so far, I was doing well I had habits I wanted to keep and religiously followed if I do say so myself, and I even had my intentions set in stone. My goals, for once in my life were right… Continue reading Getting your Life Back on Track #SERIES

Starting Fresh…. sort of

It's been a very long 38 days since I posted, (yes I counted, not entirely sure why but nevertheless I did) which was a day before my birthday, I've finally reached the ripe old age of 20. I say ripe and I say old purely because life's experiences have come at me at a shocking… Continue reading Starting Fresh…. sort of

A Shift in Perspective & Where Have I Been?!?!

This post was made more than 16 days ago and it hasn't hit me until now.  I had so many poetic beginnings for this post, they all worked, they all stated what I needed them to state but with flowery, flowery doesn't work, it's not entirely real or consistent with day-to-day life. So I came… Continue reading A Shift in Perspective & Where Have I Been?!?!

Unfiltered #3 & More Milestones

This blog post which was meant to have been released on a Monday, because that's my scheduled day for uploading has now been moved by a day. Despite the fact that I hate not being on top of my game, I really need to learn to stop, breathe and most of all relax. Again the… Continue reading Unfiltered #3 & More Milestones

October Updates!!

Another month has again practically flown by, I'm just here like how does time move so quickly? It honestly scares me to think that it is moving so fast. Since the summer has long gone and everyone has settled back into their normal routines of work or school with long hours and in some cases… Continue reading October Updates!!

Unfiltered #2

It's been an absolutely hectic weekend with barely enough time for to figure out what's going in my life, where I am and where exactly it is I want to be, though I'm hoping in due time I'll have the answers. Although I've missed a week, the #BEABOSS Series will return this Saturday with fresh,… Continue reading Unfiltered #2

Unfiltered #1

Recently in my Blog Updates #3 post, I mentioned few changes that will be happening to the content of my blog, as many of you already know the theme of my blog is to promote success and productivity, as well as being a source of inspiration and motivation through my weekly #BEABOSS series. However, after… Continue reading Unfiltered #1