Unfiltered #5 – January Blues

For those of you who are new or haven't been keeping up with my much older posts, (which probably need some kind of refresh anyway) back in 2017 I started a series called Unfiltered, this, as the name suggests, was going to be about my own thoughts and ramblings. Most of this actually centred around… Continue reading Unfiltered #5 – January Blues

Unfiltered #4: One year on…

Around a year ago I decided to take a huge leap into sharing more personal information with my readers and an even bigger leap into the world of counselling and therapy. At the time I wrote about my experiences, about how broken I became as a person, about how a toxic friendship threatened my well-being,… Continue reading Unfiltered #4: One year on…

5 Life Lessons I Learnt in Summer 2018

Another year and another summer has passed us by, it's definitely been a life-changing couple of months especially with the new journey that I've got ahead of me and with everything that I've tried to squeeze in before life returns to its somewhat rigid and structured nature. Just to clarify for my new and/or returning… Continue reading 5 Life Lessons I Learnt in Summer 2018

Denying Myself Happiness

I honestly didn't think I'd be back so soon, but then again I haven't given myself a strict schedule with my blog, even though I know it'll help my site grow I haven't been in a good place recently so my posts will be a little sporadic and slightly unexpected at times. Just like this… Continue reading Denying Myself Happiness

Unfiltered #3 & More Milestones

This blog post which was meant to have been released on a Monday, because that's my scheduled day for uploading has now been moved by a day. Despite the fact that I hate not being on top of my game, I really need to learn to stop, breathe and most of all relax. Again the… Continue reading Unfiltered #3 & More Milestones

Unfiltered #2

It's been an absolutely hectic weekend with barely enough time for to figure out what's going in my life, where I am and where exactly it is I want to be, though I'm hoping in due time I'll have the answers. Although I've missed a week, the #BEABOSS Series will return this Saturday with fresh,… Continue reading Unfiltered #2

Unfiltered #1

Recently in my Blog Updates #3 post, I mentioned few changes that will be happening to the content of my blog, as many of you already know the theme of my blog is to promote success and productivity, as well as being a source of inspiration and motivation through my weekly #BEABOSS series. However, after… Continue reading Unfiltered #1