Life Update #1: Achieving my Goals

Quite recently I had the privilege to come into contact with a start-up American-based company, My Trending Stories,Β who seek out different types of bloggers and offer them a writing opportunity that gives them exposure to larger audiences. When I first received the message I was sceptical in that it had only been a few months… Continue reading Life Update #1: Achieving my Goals


How & Why To Always Be A Beginner

Being a beginner isn't something that a person wants to be, it's always inevitable because to get to an expert level you have to pass through the beginning stages. Mastering a certain skill or becoming an expert in it isn't a bad thing at all, but it can have a negative effect. If that's just… Continue reading How & Why To Always Be A Beginner

4 Healthy Morning Habits For Highly Successful People

Goodbye summer and hello autumn, and for most hello (unfortunately) to work, or school or university or even a solid routine. The last thing that we all want to do after an incredible summer of having fun, enjoying our time with our friends, or family or partner is to get back into a routine, to… Continue reading 4 Healthy Morning Habits For Highly Successful People

3 Habits That Changed My Life

Ever since I was a child habits were something I could never keep, whether it was filling out my diary every day (I did this at the start of every year for about two weeks, if that) or even eating breakfast or any other meal on a daily basis. As terrible as that sounds, habits… Continue reading 3 Habits That Changed My Life

5 Life Lessons I Learnt in Summer 2018

Another year and another summer has passed us by, it's definitely been a life-changing couple of months especially with the new journey that I've got ahead of me and with everything that I've tried to squeeze in before life returns to its somewhat rigid and structured nature. Just to clarify for my new and/or returning… Continue reading 5 Life Lessons I Learnt in Summer 2018

A LIFE UPDATE: Change is on the Horizon

It's begun. The creative block or rather, the unwillingness to create. Don't get me wrong, creating is what I love and may even be what I do best. Except it doesn't feel like that, at least it hasn't been for a while. This is the start of the third week where I've procrastinated opening up… Continue reading A LIFE UPDATE: Change is on the Horizon

Why I don’t Celebrate my Blogiversary

This little magical space on the internet that I like to call mine has been around for just over two years, which honestly seems pretty unbelievable, the fact that I'm still here creating (a little less than usual) and that time has flown by incredibly fast. Just like every other blogger on this platform, I… Continue reading Why I don’t Celebrate my Blogiversary

5 Tips I’d give to First Years who want to study a Placement Year

Undertaking a placement year as part of your degree programme and having made that decision at an early stage is a step in the right direction, when it comes to post-graduate life and entering the world of work. There are countless benefits many of which students agree with, from graduate employment, the broadening of skills… Continue reading 5 Tips I’d give to First Years who want to study a Placement Year

Mindfulness & Monotasking

As a society, though I'd consider the change to be more on a scale of individuals, we've entered a new era of spirituality, self-care, self-improvement and within that, mindfulness. The 'market' behind the idea of mindfulness is currently thriving, there are a billion and one books written about how you can practice mindfulness, how to… Continue reading Mindfulness & Monotasking

I Admire Creators

As a child I admired, and perhaps even nearly envied people who I considered 'creators', the artists, the writers, the people who could make something out of nothing, something they were passionate about, something they believed in, and showcase to the world in such a way that they were considered revolutionaries in their separate domains.… Continue reading I Admire Creators

My Blogging Perspective

As much as I love sharing advice on my blog from tips to being the productive person you can be, to my personal experiences of the habits that I keep, I find it somewhat refreshing and therapeutic to just sit and type away my thoughts, my feelings, all those nitty-gritty day-to-day details you don't find… Continue reading My Blogging Perspective