Life Update #1: Achieving my Goals

Quite recently I had the privilege to come into contact with a start-up American-based company, My Trending Stories, who seek out different types of bloggers and offer them a writing opportunity that gives them exposure to larger audiences. When I first received the message I was sceptical in that it had only been a few months… Continue reading Life Update #1: Achieving my Goals


Embracing Positivity #BEABOSS SERIES

I am one of those people who goes through two different attitudes on an almost daily basis, one where I'm at my optimum productivity level whereby I'm focused, motivated and actively getting things done; and the other being the complete opposite end of the spectrum, I'm tired, unable to focus and generally being really, really… Continue reading Embracing Positivity #BEABOSS SERIES

Unfiltered #3 & More Milestones

This blog post which was meant to have been released on a Monday, because that's my scheduled day for uploading has now been moved by a day. Despite the fact that I hate not being on top of my game, I really need to learn to stop, breathe and most of all relax. Again the… Continue reading Unfiltered #3 & More Milestones

What does #BOSS mean to you? #BEABOSS SERIES

Everyone who reads my posts will know how much I talk about the qualities of a #boss, the importance of being ambitious, having the determination and drive to accomplish your dreams. The importance of being organised and productive, the importance of using reflection as a tool to understand how different methods can help you reach… Continue reading What does #BOSS mean to you? #BEABOSS SERIES

The Real Neat Blogger Award… (Is this even for real?!)

And again I have to say, full of absolute surprise and shock, how is it even possible for me to be nominated for another award?! I'm incredibly grateful and not gonna lie my ego does get a lift every now and again, which is great. Sadly, I've lost count and can't say what number this… Continue reading The Real Neat Blogger Award… (Is this even for real?!)

Losing Dreams

As you've probably noticed, it's been a while since I last posted and I missed my Monday post or something that makes a little more sense is that I've been super busy with studying. Last week was a 'week off' from university, and by that, I mean no lectures or the like but instead work… Continue reading Losing Dreams

Wonders of Reflection & My November Goals #BEABOSS SERIES

Many of you who have read my previous posts in this #BEABOSS Series will know that I'm one of those people who always promotes the idea of working hard, the idea of success, and the idea of chasing after what you want in life. And as a person whose goal is to motivate and to… Continue reading Wonders of Reflection & My November Goals #BEABOSS SERIES

October Updates!!

Another month has again practically flown by, I'm just here like how does time move so quickly? It honestly scares me to think that it is moving so fast. Since the summer has long gone and everyone has settled back into their normal routines of work or school with long hours and in some cases… Continue reading October Updates!!

Unfiltered #2

It's been an absolutely hectic weekend with barely enough time for to figure out what's going in my life, where I am and where exactly it is I want to be, though I'm hoping in due time I'll have the answers. Although I've missed a week, the #BEABOSS Series will return this Saturday with fresh,… Continue reading Unfiltered #2

The Sunshine Blogger Award!!

I am so incredibly honoured to receive another blogging award, the Sunshine Blogger Award,  as of right now I've lost count of how many I've actually been nominated for which is humbling. The award itself acts as a way to recognise bloggers for their inspirational content which makes happy to know that I've had an impact… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award!!


Adulthood to many, that is including myself, has always been an ominous thing, it's been a part of unknown territory, something that just happens. Like the flick of a switch, you hit a certain age and that's it, childhood is left far behind, adulthood and the idea of behaving like an 'adult' comes in to… Continue reading Adulthood.