And I Graduated…What Next?

When I started this blog 4 years ago I had no idea I would end up where I am now, the people I've met, the lessons I've learnt and experiences I've had have shaped me into the confident person I am today.


The day has finally come where I've decided to pull everything I have together and blog every single day for an entire month. Just typing these words scare me, but there is a hint of excitement and nervousness deep down. So, just how did I decide I wanted to do this? Well, originally the plan… Continue reading Day 1/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE!!

LIFE UPDATE #? #adulting

It's been over a year since I updated my sticky post, and since then many, many things have changed. I've evolved, grown and nurtured my relationship with myself, with the people around me and even the new strangers who've become almost like family to me. My last sticky was about me achieving my goals, the… Continue reading LIFE UPDATE #? #adulting

5 Life Lessons I Learnt in Summer 2018

Another year and another summer has passed us by, it's definitely been a life-changing couple of months especially with the new journey that I've got ahead of me and with everything that I've tried to squeeze in before life returns to its somewhat rigid and structured nature. Just to clarify for my new and/or returning… Continue reading 5 Life Lessons I Learnt in Summer 2018

A LIFE UPDATE: Change is on the Horizon

It's begun. The creative block or rather, the unwillingness to create. Don't get me wrong, creating is what I love and may even be what I do best. Except it doesn't feel like that, at least it hasn't been for a while. This is the start of the third week where I've procrastinated opening up… Continue reading A LIFE UPDATE: Change is on the Horizon

5 Tips I’d give to First Years who want to study a Placement Year

Undertaking a placement year as part of your degree programme and having made that decision at an early stage is a step in the right direction, when it comes to post-graduate life and entering the world of work. There are countless benefits many of which students agree with, from graduate employment, the broadening of skills… Continue reading 5 Tips I’d give to First Years who want to study a Placement Year

Starting Fresh…. sort of

It's been a very long 38 days since I posted, (yes I counted, not entirely sure why but nevertheless I did) which was a day before my birthday, I've finally reached the ripe old age of 20. I say ripe and I say old purely because life's experiences have come at me at a shocking… Continue reading Starting Fresh…. sort of

Blog Updates #3

Around a month ago, before I started the second year of my psychology degree at university, I was going through tough circumstances and along with an actual schedule, unlike my summer holidays where I had not much of a routine, I decided to change the days of my blogging and also the frequency to which… Continue reading Blog Updates #3

A Day in the Life of ME!!

Today I'll be sharing a different type of post on my blog, a mostly picture filled one on the Day in the Life of me. For all of you nosy people and of course, those of who are interested in how a typical day goes for a second-year university student and a part-time blogger, here's… Continue reading A Day in the Life of ME!!