Reflecting at 22

Depending on when this post goes up (possibly after the 23rd April 2020), I'll be slightly older then 22. Photo by Cristian Escobar on Unsplash In the past I've done many variations of my birthday posts, some years I will switch on and become mindful when spending time with family and friends and other years I'll spend my… Continue reading Reflecting at 22

Day 12/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE – Changes

When I first thought about today's prompt so many things came to mind, the topic of change especially when it comes to wanting to change yourself is such a huge step to take, and it can range anywhere from changing your physical appearance to mindset shifts to perspectives to personality. And more. Part of me… Continue reading Day 12/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE – Changes

Day 6/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE- Little Joys

Almost one whole week out of four in this entire challenge, a quarter of the way through and honestly that's a huge achievement for me. Today's prompt on describing something that excites me and fills me with joy reminds me of an older post I wrote explaining the difference between happiness and joy, for most… Continue reading Day 6/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE- Little Joys

Is self deprecation the new norm?

This is something I've said to myself without realising the harm it was actually doing. This post was originally titled, is self deprecation the new quirky? Where quirky was to be defined as something people aspire to be that isn't conforming to society's standards, rather it's the opposite. Until I realised just how much self… Continue reading Is self deprecation the new norm?

The Hardest Years of My Life & An Inferiority Complex

When I started university, I had no idea what it was that I was signing up for, I knew that making friends wasn't going to be the easiest of things, thanks to my general anxiety, but also that many of the conversation starters were about sixth form/college and the all damned A-Level examinations. As a… Continue reading The Hardest Years of My Life & An Inferiority Complex

How to Deal with the Summer Blues

The term "Summer Blues" may be an entirely new concept to you, especially if you're the type of person who enjoys the warmth, the freedom (sometimes) and just the general vibes that the months from June to August/September bring. But if you're like me, and aren't the biggest fan of summer for whatever reason, mine… Continue reading How to Deal with the Summer Blues

When Healing Requires Pain.

Pardon this impromptu blog post which is literally being spun out of a realisation that came to me less than hour ago. Yes, I know, my perfectionist self is screaming, there is a lot of internal screaming going on because as opposed to the many other things I write about, there is no plan. There… Continue reading When Healing Requires Pain.

Coffee Talk | being a part-time blogger and full-time student

Mini Update  **I was hoping to start blogmas this December but my holiday plans, where I'll be going abroad in the middle of the month until the start of January means that posting every day would be practically impossible. Instead, I'm hoping to post 3 times a week throughout the month to make up for… Continue reading Coffee Talk | being a part-time blogger and full-time student


As a person who's always held herself at a perfectionist standard, achieving balance in most aspects of my life has been challenging, to say the least. I've held such absurd beliefs growing up, ones that I've stuck to until recently where I learnt how much damage they had done and the damage they could potentially… Continue reading COFFEE TALK | Balance


Welcome to another Coffee Talk, get your cup of coffee, tea or even just a glass of water ready because I will be talking my heart out. These blog posts will be informal and have my unedited thoughts and feelings about whatever it is that I'm going through at this precise moment. Specific I know!!… Continue reading COFFEE TALK | I Failed