MY 2018 GOALS!!

New Year's Eve has finally arrived and everyone is hustling and bustling, some to start ahead with the celebrations and festivities that the new year brings and others, like myself, to start de-cluttering and getting rid of negative energies that surround our space. Yet another very important task for me to complete before the clock… Continue reading MY 2018 GOALS!!

5 Things To Do Before 2018

Hello everyone, and welcome to the start of my goal-setting, action-planning and overall inspirational posts leading into the new year. I find it incredibly hard to believe another year has flown by, so cliché but it's true!! And that we've been given this opportunity to reset our lives and overall make things better in 2018.  The… Continue reading 5 Things To Do Before 2018

I Can’t Forget

I can't forget the way my lips turned, how they grew slowly into a smile and suddenly into a laugh at every stupid joke. I can't forget the memories, the bittersweet memories, how your eyes glistened full of love as they gazed into mine. I can't forget that smile, the one that only I see,… Continue reading I Can’t Forget


Slow down and breathe I tell myself, hoping that I'd listen. Remember the scent of every flower, the way your eyes glistened and pulse quickened to the beauty within. Remember the sound of your beating heart, the way it jumped at his touch and screamed at every moment. Remember the warmth of the summer breeze,… Continue reading Remember


  It's Friday 22nd December 2017 an I'm awake, at 5AM. To many and myself included this sounds like torture, and trust me you're not wrong. It's painful waking up early in the morning and expecting your body to get working, potentially if you haven't had the exact amount of sleep that you'd hoped for,… Continue reading 5AM

The First Working Day – Blogmas #2

When I think of people who are starting their first day either in employment as a whole or perhaps just a new job, the typical things come to mind, first-day nerves, stumbling to find their way around and being content around new groups of people. However, my very first day at work was riddled with… Continue reading The First Working Day – Blogmas #2

Blog Updates #4 Where am I now? + Blogmas?!

Get ready everyone, it's like the millionth blog updates post I've published and potentially the billionth time I've decided to make some changes to it. Sadly, in my last few posts I've mentioned, how due to exam season and deadlines that are creeping in ever so close that I've had to put my education first… Continue reading Blog Updates #4 Where am I now? + Blogmas?!

I Feel

There are some days where the sun seeps in through the windows, my eyes deeply rolled back and I feel, I feel every ounce of blood running through my veins, every drop of scalding warm water as it touches my skin running down my naked body. I can feel every mean name, the words etched… Continue reading I Feel

Feeling Funky

As most of you already know, or for those of you who don't, it's incredibly close to January exams right now and for me a period of sleep deprivation, extremely tight time management and a general low mood. That's technically how it goes for students pretty much all around the world, the whole aura surrounding… Continue reading Feeling Funky

Have Courage & Be Kind

I'm not one for clickbait titles, no matter how catchy or entertaining they may seem, the whole aspect of misleading an entire audience just doesn't seem very appealing to me. Yet at the same time, I'm not one for original titles either, I do like to put thought into them but at the end of… Continue reading Have Courage & Be Kind