How to Create a Fresh Start

Now that we're in full swing of the new year, the feelings of newness, of freshness or even if you're like me, excitement, have dulled, for some this may have been a contributing factor to falling off the wagon when it comes to accomplishing goals or even wondering why those goals existed in the first… Continue reading How to Create a Fresh Start


My 2018 Year in Review

It's incredibly difficult to try and summarise everything that happened in the past six months, honestly, I think it would be mentally taxing. So much good, so much not-so-good and everything else that falls in the middle occurred, just as it probably did for everyone else. I had a crazy start with exams and this… Continue reading My 2018 Year in Review

My Goals For The Next Academic Year

It's that time of the autumn season where I begin to reflect on the upcoming year, after saying my final sorrowful goodbyes to the summer, to which I absolutely had an amazing time, it's time to get back into the hustle, to smash through all barriers, to overcome the obstacles. You get the point, it's… Continue reading My Goals For The Next Academic Year

How & Why To Always Be A Beginner

Being a beginner isn't something that a person wants to be, it's always inevitable because to get to an expert level you have to pass through the beginning stages. Mastering a certain skill or becoming an expert in it isn't a bad thing at all, but it can have a negative effect. If that's just… Continue reading How & Why To Always Be A Beginner

Starting Fresh…. sort of

It's been a very long 38 days since I posted, (yes I counted, not entirely sure why but nevertheless I did) which was a day before my birthday, I've finally reached the ripe old age of 20. I say ripe and I say old purely because life's experiences have come at me at a shocking… Continue reading Starting Fresh…. sort of

APRIL GOALS + Mindfulness

I can't believe we've arrived at the end of the March, we're already well into 2018 and I've still got a huge amount of goals and habits I want to achieve. So what better way to keep accomplishing my goals than to start small with the month of April, for those of you who've read… Continue reading APRIL GOALS + Mindfulness


I never thought I'd be sitting here and typing away at another monthly updates post, oh how time flies, I remember at the beginning of March when I was trying to come up my theme for the month and narrow down what exactly it was that I wanted to achieve. And I'm proud to say… Continue reading MARCH UPDATES

Building New Habits + Your Own Identity

If you're anything like me, you'll know how hard it is to build new habits out of the blue and then seemingly try to change your life overnight. In my opinion, that's how I feel like the whole process of building habits is portrayed, whether it be fitness goals or mindfulness goals, all you get… Continue reading Building New Habits + Your Own Identity


In my last post, I mentioned how I've already managed to incorporate some of my 2018 goals into my daily routine, and the extent to which this had a life-changing impact on me. As cliche as it sounds, following your goals and dreams even if it's as simple as picking up a new habit can… Continue reading MARCH GOALS + Self Care

It’s Been a While + Realisations

Hello again, as you're reading this I'm probably learning how to deal with a variety of things that have been on my mind lately, a few of them old, and a few of them being new experiences and situations that life has thrown at me. I've haven't fully reached a state of complete acceptance or… Continue reading It’s Been a While + Realisations