September Journal // 2019…

Autumn finally arrived, and alas so did torential rain, but that's okay, I still autumn anyway. This entire month has felt both long and short, stressful and calm and above all life-changing, despite the fact that I say this pretty much every month, I can truly, truly say September was a time of a change,… Continue reading September Journal // 2019…

Day 10 BLOGGING CHALLENGE – Compliments

I've never been good at accepting compliments. In fact, I've even gone as far as experiencing imposter syndrome, believing that my "goodness" was just all a ruse, that I was really a bad person underneath it all, which honestly and quite sadly, is not at all uncommon for young women like myself. cr:: whenlifeawakensPin Me!!… Continue reading Day 10 BLOGGING CHALLENGE – Compliments

Day 8/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE – Academic Goals

One thing that I haven't really spoken about on my blog, if you don't count my About Page or my yearly academic goals posts, is my degree. Currently I'm an undergraduate studying a BSc in Psychology and will be entering my fourth, and final year at university. Just typing that is enough to make my… Continue reading Day 8/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE – Academic Goals


We'll get there, slowly but surely. I find that this is the motto for whenever I'm thinking about the day's prompt and even when I'm writing it. We're barely a quarter of the way through and I already feel like it's been weeks of me doing this challenge, not in a bad way, but in… Continue reading Day 4/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE- Routine


And just like that, we have reached day two of the challenge. Day 2: Something you regret not having done last year. I'm not much to talk about regret, I'm thankful that despite all the negativity that I've seen either a life lesson unfolding or a silver lining within it. But just like every other… Continue reading Day 2/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE – Regrets


The day has finally come where I've decided to pull everything I have together and blog every single day for an entire month. Just typing these words scare me, but there is a hint of excitement and nervousness deep down. So, just how did I decide I wanted to do this? Well, originally the plan… Continue reading Day 1/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE!!

Summer Update #4

This will be the last of the summer updates series, but because these posts did well and you as readers seemed to be interested (or maybe just nosy) in how my months went by, I'll continue doing monthly updates.  First of all, you're probably thinking why on earth I've written a summer update in September… Continue reading Summer Update #4