There are countless moments in our lives that cause us anxiety, stress, overwhelming thoughts come out to attack from what seems like nowhere, and as soon as these things happen, it happens. Our days get worse, what an awful day we seem to be having. We focus on the few negatives in our lives rather… Continue reading Day 18/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE – Joy List

Day 17/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE – Daily Habits for Success

This marks a monumental occasion, for the first time during this entire challenge and also spanning some time in August, I will writing about self-development and growth from a more practical perspective. And what better way to discuss these topics than looking at habits that you can implement. After all, success stems from your daily… Continue reading Day 17/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE – Daily Habits for Success


I find it a little ironic that today's prompt is about balance, when my life has been anything but balanced lately. I've fallen off with my regular routines, partly due to external circumstances that I can't change, but I've been lacking in the self-care/healthy lifestyle department anyway. In a way, this will serve as a… Continue reading Day 5/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE – Balance


We'll get there, slowly but surely. I find that this is the motto for whenever I'm thinking about the day's prompt and even when I'm writing it. We're barely a quarter of the way through and I already feel like it's been weeks of me doing this challenge, not in a bad way, but in… Continue reading Day 4/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE- Routine

WEEKEND IN MY LIFE: Reset Routine!!

If you've read my last few posts, you'll know the past week or so was probably one of the worst experiences I've had in my life so far. I say this knowing full well it's an exaggeration because I know life will have many more of these unexpected surprises that I cannot control waiting for… Continue reading WEEKEND IN MY LIFE: Reset Routine!!

How To Make Your Life Interesting

As human beings, in the society that we live and we the ways which the average person lives their day-to-day life, we can often succumb to being stuck in our routines. However, with that being said, routines are necessary and often help us function the way we want to, but there are times when our… Continue reading How To Make Your Life Interesting

5 Tips On How To Get Into A Routine

One important thing about the autumn and winter months is getting into a routine since it's time to either go back to school or university or get back into work or to start afresh, like myself, in a new era of life. Over time things will fall into place, travelling may not be as much… Continue reading 5 Tips On How To Get Into A Routine