A Letter to my Demons

It's true when people say that you are your own worst enemy, in fact, I was so blinded by the concept of self-hatred until I realised how much of it is second nature. This is where the inner demons come in, we're all fighting our own battles that it becomes easy to lose sight of… Continue reading A Letter to my Demons

Nighttime Thoughts #2

Recently I was writing a blog post, the 4th one in the series Letters to Myself and whilst in the middle of giving myself some advice, I stopped. I tried to continue but I couldn't; maybe I was just having an off day. But then it hit me, I wasn't at all prepared to write… Continue reading Nighttime Thoughts #2

Letters to Myself #2

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today I'll be writing a letter to my older stuff (this should be fun...) Dear Older Me, Congratulations for making it into adulthood!! because honestly I never thought I'd get this far. There are so many things I want you to accomplish, it's a little insane but… Continue reading Letters to Myself #2