9 Habits of 2019 & Update

I originally had 10 habits for this post but I suppose 9 fits quite nicely. Just before the new year rolled around, I became more and more proactive at finding productive, healthy and self-loving habits that I wanted to implement and focus on in 2019. Despite this, I do advise that if you want to… Continue reading 9 Habits of 2019 & Update

Mindfulness & Monotasking

As a society, though I'd consider the change to be more on a scale of individuals, we've entered a new era of spirituality, self-care, self-improvement and within that, mindfulness. The 'market' behind the idea of mindfulness is currently thriving, there are a billion and one books written about how you can practice mindfulness, how to… Continue reading Mindfulness & Monotasking

My Mindfulness + Law of Attraction Journey

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the mindfulness craze going on at the moment, where have you been? No, seriously you haven't heard? That right there is my personal feelings towards mindfulness, its spread so far and so wide, there are thousands of personal stories out there all linked into this simple, but,… Continue reading My Mindfulness + Law of Attraction Journey