My Blogging Perspective

As much as I love sharing advice on my blog from tips to being the productive person you can be, to my personal experiences of the habits that I keep, I find it somewhat refreshing and therapeutic to just sit and type away my thoughts, my feelings, all those nitty-gritty day-to-day details you don't find… Continue reading My Blogging Perspective


MY 2018 GOALS!!

New Year's Eve has finally arrived and everyone is hustling and bustling, some to start ahead with the celebrations and festivities that the new year brings and others, like myself, to start de-cluttering and getting rid of negative energies that surround our space. Yet another very important task for me to complete before the clock… Continue reading MY 2018 GOALS!!

A Day in the Life of ME!!

Today I'll be sharing a different type of post on my blog, a mostly picture filled one on the Day in the Life of me. For all of you nosy people and of course, those of who are interested in how a typical day goes for a second-year university student and a part-time blogger, here's… Continue reading A Day in the Life of ME!!

Take care of YOU!! #BEABOSS SERIES

I'm back this week with a new #BEABOSS blog post, unfortunately, due to tough circumstances and my inability to control the things that were going on in my life, I missed a week or so of this series. Nevertheless, I still aspire to keep on creating and hopefully continue giving every single one of my… Continue reading Take care of YOU!! #BEABOSS SERIES

Liebster Award #3!!

This is my fifth award nomination, and my third time being nominated for the amazing Liebster Award, I'm honestly so grateful and honoured to have received such a nomination by a lovely follower of mine, That Anxious Traveller. Her blog is amazing and full of useful advice as well as personal experiences, it's definitely a blog… Continue reading Liebster Award #3!!

Summer Update #3

This month went so fast, I feel like I blinked and then it was the 31st August which sounds crazy, I know mainly because after August summer is officially over and life responsibilities begin once again. But autumn is my favourite season, so I'm definitely looking forward to these next few months!! I had a… Continue reading Summer Update #3

Change your Mindset!! #BEABOSS SERIES

So many people that I've encountered during my life want to reach success, they want to be able to achieve their goals, just like every single person who's ever lived on earth. But as you've potentially already heard of, there are two types of an individual when it comes to chasing after your goals, these… Continue reading Change your Mindset!! #BEABOSS SERIES

Canva Graphic Design

Many of you who follow my blog will know that the main feature of my posts are the featured images I use, these to me are hugely important, they are the images that are shared across my various social media platforms and the ones that truly captivate what's I've written in the post itself. As… Continue reading Canva Graphic Design

Liebster Award #2!! BONUS POST

This post has been sitting in my drafts for about two weeks, so this was definitely overdue. Recently, I've posted several of my award nominations but this is the first time that I've been nominated for a certain award, twice. Since this is my fourth nomination, everything feels surreal, I keep asking myself the same… Continue reading Liebster Award #2!! BONUS POST

The Art of Letting Go

During my time in this year's summer holidays, I got pulled into the journaling craze, and yes it is a craze, there are hundreds of videos on YouTube, hundreds of articles explaining both how to do and it benefits, including my own. Since I started recording my activities, my emotions and my reactions to situations… Continue reading The Art of Letting Go