The One thing I Learnt From Therapy

Disclaimer: Don't let the title fool you, I learnt many things from going to therapy, but there was one aspect of it in particular that stuck with me for a long time. It's become ingrained in my head, as if it were a mantra. Honestly, it became one in my times of struggle. This isn't… Continue reading The One thing I Learnt From Therapy

Day 9/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE – A Year In Industry

Continuing on from the theme of yesterday, which was focused around my degree and academic goals, I thought it would be the perfect time go reflect on the last year, which involved so much professional and personal growth whilst working as an assistant psychologist. I never knew I would get this opportunity and in hindsight… Continue reading Day 9/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE – A Year In Industry

Out of my Comfort Zone

Today's post is a little different from the norm, mainly because I'm typing this up pretty late in the evening, which is very unlike me since all my Monday posts are published at 10am once having been written, triple-checked and scheduled the day prior. However, this is more of a life lesson and experience that… Continue reading Out of my Comfort Zone