3 Things I Learnt This Summer 2019

Between listening to my sister and mother's heated debates about the differences between a chopper and a mixer, it suddenly dawned upon me that summer is coming to an end. And all my mind could do was take a sigh of relief. I wasn't made for the summer heat, clearly. The summer started off so… Continue reading 3 Things I Learnt This Summer 2019

Embracing Positivity #BEABOSS SERIES

I am one of those people who goes through two different attitudes on an almost daily basis, one where I'm at my optimum productivity level whereby I'm focused, motivated and actively getting things done; and the other being the complete opposite end of the spectrum, I'm tired, unable to focus and generally being really, really… Continue reading Embracing Positivity #BEABOSS SERIES

What does #BOSS mean to you? #BEABOSS SERIES

Everyone who reads my posts will know how much I talk about the qualities of a #boss, the importance of being ambitious, having the determination and drive to accomplish your dreams. The importance of being organised and productive, the importance of using reflection as a tool to understand how different methods can help you reach… Continue reading What does #BOSS mean to you? #BEABOSS SERIES

100 Followers & Blogging Tips + Tricks #BEABOSS SERIES

Recently I've been inspired to write about the concepts of success, productivity, motivation, and how to become the best individual that you can possibly be. As cliche as it sounds, in order to lead a better, healthier lifestyle there are many things that we can implement into our lives to achieve this. One of the… Continue reading 100 Followers & Blogging Tips + Tricks #BEABOSS SERIES