Liebster Award #2!! BONUS POST

This post has been sitting in my drafts for about two weeks, so this was definitely overdue. Recently, I've posted several of my award nominations but this is the first time that I've been nominated for a certain award, twice. Since this is my fourth nomination, everything feels surreal, I keep asking myself the same… Continue reading Liebster Award #2!! BONUS POST

Blogger Recognition Award!! BONUS POST

For some of my more avid readers, it's definitely unusual for me to post on a Sunday, since my schedule is Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, but because of increased award nominations (on number 4 already!!), I thought it would be fit to add a bonus post this week. As some of you may or may… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award!! BONUS POST

The Liebster Award!!

Not too long ago I received my very first nomination for an award that was given to me by another blogger. I remember the immense feeling of joy and happiness and most of all, accomplishment, my work was reaching people and was having an impact.  Here I am again with another award, the Liebster Award which… Continue reading The Liebster Award!!