We'll get there, slowly but surely. I find that this is the motto for whenever I'm thinking about the day's prompt and even when I'm writing it. We're barely a quarter of the way through and I already feel like it's been weeks of me doing this challenge, not in a bad way, but in… Continue reading Day 4/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE- Routine


Day 3/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE – Struggles

We're already on day 3 of this blogging challenge, I feel like it's almost become a part of me to brain dump my thoughts relating to the prompt for the day, for someone who struggled with getting her words out, this has helped massively. cr: whenlifeawakens Feel free to use these prompts!! Day 03: Something… Continue reading Day 3/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE – Struggles


And just like that, we have reached day two of the challenge. Day 2: Something you regret not having done last year. I'm not much to talk about regret, I'm thankful that despite all the negativity that I've seen either a life lesson unfolding or a silver lining within it. But just like every other… Continue reading Day 2/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE – Regrets


The day has finally come where I've decided to pull everything I have together and blog every single day for an entire month. Just typing these words scare me, but there is a hint of excitement and nervousness deep down. So, just how did I decide I wanted to do this? Well, originally the plan… Continue reading Day 1/30 BLOGGING CHALLENGE!!

August Journal // 2019 (& Sept Updates!!)

Goodbye summer and Hello autumn, I can't wait to see what the new season brings!! We finally reached the end of another month, it's getting a little more scary each time I realise how close 2020 is. As a child, I never imagined being where I am now, with the relationships I'm in and the… Continue reading August Journal // 2019 (& Sept Updates!!)

Is self deprecation the new norm?

This is something I've said to myself without realising the harm it was actually doing. This post was originally titled, is self deprecation the new quirky? Where quirky was to be defined as something people aspire to be that isn't conforming to society's standards, rather it's the opposite. Until I realised just how much self… Continue reading Is self deprecation the new norm?

The Hardest Years of My Life & An Inferiority Complex

When I started university, I had no idea what it was that I was signing up for, I knew that making friends wasn't going to be the easiest of things, thanks to my general anxiety, but also that many of the conversation starters were about sixth form/college and the all damned A-Level examinations. As a… Continue reading The Hardest Years of My Life & An Inferiority Complex

How to Have a Real Glow Up

If any of you, or anyone that you know is an avid consumer of YouTube videos, I'm sure you'll have come across "glow up transformations", usually done by young women and sometimes even with a budget of 1000+ dollars. Realistic? Perhaps not. I get the hype of wanting to transform yourself over the summer to… Continue reading How to Have a Real Glow Up

3 Things I Learnt This Summer 2019

Between listening to my sister and mother's heated debates about the differences between a chopper and a mixer, it suddenly dawned upon me that summer is coming to an end. And all my mind could do was take a sigh of relief. I wasn't made for the summer heat, clearly. The summer started off so… Continue reading 3 Things I Learnt This Summer 2019

How to Waste Life – satire

Throughout my time on WordPress I've been blogging about what it means to be productive and tips that can be used to help with this; one thing I haven't touched on is what it means to waste your life and how you can achieve that. Disclaimer: this piece is entirely satirical, I have no intentions… Continue reading How to Waste Life – satire