Nighttime Thoughts #4

After spending a long time thinking about this series that I created at the end of last year, I've decided, for now, to revive it. The reason I created it was to write about topics that are more personal to me, and that others can possibly relate to, that decide to haunt our minds when… Continue reading Nighttime Thoughts #4

Nightime Thoughts #3

It's so easy to slip away into the darkness, to let the negative feelings overpower you in such as way that you're left feeling weak and vulnerable. Don't surrender, the darkness is only temporary...  The presence of the dark sky at night can bring a sense of comfort to some but for others, it can… Continue reading Nightime Thoughts #3


Hello everyone, this is going to be a short, quick update on the changes that I'll be making to my blog that you will be see over the coming year... The initial focus of this blog was a space for me to write, to express freely both the life experiences that I've had and the… Continue reading BLOG UPDATES!!

broken walls.

I sit facing a broken wall, cracks spread invading every corner, they don't stop, I run my fingers along the broken wall, I feel the ache, the tears, the pain. I sit facing a broken wall, but it's not broken anymore, a light shines, it doesn't stop, I run my fingers along the broken wall,… Continue reading broken walls.

Nighttime Thoughts #2

Recently I was writing a blog post, the 4th one in the series Letters to Myself and whilst in the middle of giving myself some advice, I stopped. I tried to continue but I couldn't; maybe I was just having an off day. But then it hit me, I wasn't at all prepared to write… Continue reading Nighttime Thoughts #2

Nighttime Thoughts #1

Hello everyone and welcome back to a new post on being a night owl and the experiences I've had... Recently I discovered something a little unusual about myself, that I'm a night owl. This may not seem unusual to many of you but to me it was, I didn't even realise this until I sat… Continue reading Nighttime Thoughts #1