A Box & A Paradox

Mini update: things have been super duper busy recently, and getting busier so I've been writing more short poems and thoughts rather than self-development articles. Bit I promise I'll be posting more often soon!! A paradox, a constant oscillation, unchanging, yet changing, too much to see. A box, something to be defined, but whom? alas,… Continue reading A Box & A Paradox


The Different Versions of Me

This is the first time in two years I've posted a creative writing piece, this one, in the form of a poem. A bit of context, when I came back from what is my ancestral home I had a mini breakdown where I started to question who I really was. After thinking I realised that… Continue reading The Different Versions of Me

20 Journaling Prompts for Self-Discovery

A few weeks ago I published what I think may be a runner up to being one of my most popular posts of all time, aside from the first sticky post I have on my site. Though that was related to blog post ideas for lifestyle and personal bloggers, I think this one will be… Continue reading 20 Journaling Prompts for Self-Discovery

My Blogging Perspective

As much as I love sharing advice on my blog from tips to being the productive person you can be, to my personal experiences of the habits that I keep, I find it somewhat refreshing and therapeutic to just sit and type away my thoughts, my feelings, all those nitty-gritty day-to-day details you don't find… Continue reading My Blogging Perspective

Goodbye Letters

When I was first drafting this post I had a few ideas in mind, the first being a how-to guide on how to write letters to help let go of the toxicity in your life, to help you find the venom that's seeped into your inner being making life harder than it may already be.… Continue reading Goodbye Letters

Self Care as a Blogger

Despite my somewhat uneasy and self-loathing past, I've always known self-care to be an enhancing practice, something that takes many different shapes and forms, yet ultimately is known to revive the soul, the heart and most of all the mind. As human beings, we have many different roles in society, from students to employees, to… Continue reading Self Care as a Blogger

I Can’t Forget

I can't forget the way my lips turned, how they grew slowly into a smile and suddenly into a laugh at every stupid joke. I can't forget the memories, the bittersweet memories, how your eyes glistened full of love as they gazed into mine. I can't forget that smile, the one that only I see,… Continue reading I Can’t Forget


Slow down and breathe I tell myself, hoping that I'd listen. Remember the scent of every flower, the way your eyes glistened and pulse quickened to the beauty within. Remember the sound of your beating heart, the way it jumped at his touch and screamed at every moment. Remember the warmth of the summer breeze,… Continue reading Remember

I Feel

There are some days where the sun seeps in through the windows, my eyes deeply rolled back and I feel, I feel every ounce of blood running through my veins, every drop of scalding warm water as it touches my skin running down my naked body. I can feel every mean name, the words etched… Continue reading I Feel

Creating Happiness #BEABOSS SERIES

One of the most fundamental parts of life is finding happiness, it's something that everyone wants to find and most of all, it's something that everyone wants to create, a huge aspect of life that we all want to experience is enjoyment which comes from happiness. Despite what we go through, there is beauty to… Continue reading Creating Happiness #BEABOSS SERIES