Habits & Goals for 2020!!

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Hello and welcome to a new year, granted we are already 4 days into the new year, but since this is the first time I’m blogging in 2020, it deserves a shout-out all of its own. Like so many other people who may not have had the best 2019, I am beyond excited for the opportunities that 2020 will bring (yes, I said will, because I am manifesting so much this year) and very much looking forward to making precious memories with family and friends.

Unlike last year, where I was on holiday abroad for the two week winter break and was also working a full-time job (as an assistant psychologist), I had much less time to think about what I actually wanted from the upcoming year in terms of the goals I wanted to accomplish and habits I wanted to sustain, so that I could become the best and most loving version of myself that I could possibly be.

Instead of freaking about how the new year was already on the horizon and realising I had no plan whatsoever going into 2020, I decided to reflect on my 2019 and looked through the goals I wanted to achieve and habits I wanted in my life as a whole, to decide what worked and what didn’t.

Surprisingly a lot worked out, and a lot of them were goals and habits I wanted to continue pursuing in 2020.

Once I realised this, I was much less panicked and felt ready to dive into my journal and start planning everything for 2020.

Goals & Habits for 2020!!!


A lot of my goals stem around self-growth and self-development, mainly because I started my own personal journey of bettering myself in 2019 and wanted to continue this because it’s so important to me.

  1. Reading more books – in 2019, I finished a total of 34 books which is an achievement that I’m proud, but I know that with more consistency I can expose myself to new authors from all kinds of backgrounds and beliefs.
  2. Listening to podcasts – I absolutely loved podcasts in 2019, actively taking in knowledge about any kind of subject in your own free time was a huge win for me, except in the latter half of the year I felt like I didn’t have the time, a timeless excuse and one I’m working on for 2020.
  3. Watching documentaries – it’s pretty surprising that my love for knowledge has not stemmed into me delving into watching all types of documentaries, footage that captures real stories and raw emotion has always captivated me, except with the overwhelming amount that exist, it’s hard to know where to start.
  4. Writing journal prompts – back in October I decided to invest in a black, faux leather soft touch journal with gridded pages and high quality paper, and safe to say, it’s completely changed my life. I love writing and planning in my journal and one thing I’ve delved a little bit into are journal prompts for self-development, after trying a few I found that they really helped me narrow my thoughts and focus on what’s important in my own life and direct me towards growth.

These are the main goals that I want to be able to achieve by the end of 2020, and hopefully continue beyond, there are many more sub-goals which are mainly what I wanted to achieve in 2019 that are still high on my priority list.

Moving onto a new area of fitness and health, which is something that I had never really considered prior to this, since all my focus was shifted towards bettering my mental health and improving myself as a mental and emotional being. However, I’ve come realise how important your relationship with your physical body is, in terms of being active and aware of what you’re actively consuming.

  1. Starting Yoga – back in summer 2019 I had a perfect routine of yoga with stretches and mindfulness except once my routine became less stable and I got a little lazy, this habit slipped despite the important impacts it made to my mental and physical health, and for 2020 I’m going to take it slow but also be proactive in being consistent with keeping active.
  2. Starting meditation– just like yoga, I was keen on meditating, my days would feel empty and my brain would feel like it was going to explode if I hadn’t taken the time to de-stress and meditate, looking back I can see how I could have benefited from meditation especially when I started a job alongside my university education.

These are the top two goals that I’m both excited, yet nervous to keep, mainly because I know they will have positive impacts on my mental and physical health, but then again that’s exactly what I’m aiming towards in 2020. I hope this year is kind to you too.

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