5 Things to do on Sunday to Prepare for the Week & *FREE* Printable

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Ahh Sunday, the time of the weekend where we enjoy our quiet mornings in bed, treat ourselves to a wonderful breakfast and lunch, then suddenly, it’s 6pm, and the thought of the dreaded Monday brings panic and even despair. We all go through this, in fact, it’s a Sunday as I’m typing this and soon enough I will be hit by the realisation that university begins again and unfortunately so does work.

There’s no reason why you should have to give up your lazy, well-earned Sunday routines and hand over those stress-free moments to that feeling of Monday, in fact there’s ways you can get over that, and all it requires is a little bit of planning, a fee extra steps to your routine and those Monday blues will disappear before Monday can even begin.

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5 Things to do to Prepare for the Week Ahead

Step 1: Create a solid morning routine – as amazing as it feels to sleep in and relax under the covers, having a solid routine will mean you can easily knock of goals on your to-do list before even having to properly start the day. Try adding in a delicious home-made breakfast whilst you sit down and write your list, or even listen to a podcast (the easiest way to consume useful knowledge, without even realising it!!).

Step 2: Think about your goals for the week – and I don’t just mean work goals, add in an activity you would like to schedule for self-care or any social activities, balance work with play and it’ll feel like less of a chore and less overwhelming, especially if you have a large list to tackle. When you’re thinking about the week ahead and there is a lot to tackle, break each goal down to manageable tasks that can easily done in a short space of time and schedule these in tiny slots throughout the week.

Step 3: Get all house chores out of the way – this is probably the hardest one on the list, no one likes doing chores on a Sunday, a day dedicated to rest, but try just organising one aspect of your home, you’ll feel refreshed, happier and less stressed throughout the week. Make it a point to wash dishes, sweep floors, and wash any clothes that you’ll need for the week, instead of letting it all pile up into one large mess.

Step 4: Try utilising your creativity – this one of my trusted steps for Sunday, after having worked all week, it’s easy to feel burnt out and just stay in bed all day, but using your creativity, either to make something, or perhaps to draw or journal can feel like therapy and give your brain the rest it needs without lying in bed all day.

Step 5: Go to bed at a decent time – the one thing that you can’t argue about is how important sleep is for your well-being, by having a solid morning routine and avoiding naps by being productive, you’re more likely to get to sleep at a reasonable time and stay asleep throughout the night. The best feeling on a Monday is being able to function because you’ve had enough sleep.

I consider these the backbone of making your Sunday productive, without working too much, and relaxing without feeling lazy and unproductive that ultimately leads to the panic of Monday arriving.


As a way of saying thank you to my dear readers and to also fit in line with this post I am offering a free printable which can be downloaded, printed and used. Essentially, it’s a free to-do list with a gratitude reminder at the top that can be used to set your intentions for the day, and since it’s undated it can be used for any possible day in the year.

To access this click here to download.

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