How to Have a Real Glow Up

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If any of you, or anyone that you know is an avid consumer of YouTube videos, I’m sure you’ll have come across “glow up transformations”, usually done by young women and sometimes even with a budget of 1000+ dollars. Realistic? Perhaps not.

I get the hype of wanting to transform yourself over the summer to go back to school/university/work I really do, I’ve even bought clothes and shoes and accessories and all, but that’s not where the videos or the glow up should stop.

At least, that’s my take on the whole trend.

People get caught up in the adrenaline rush and excitement of buying something new and showing it off on front of others, I’ve been there. Honestly, the feeling can even be borderline euphoric, but what happens when the clothes get old? Should the solution be to buy more?

Seeing what the fast fashion industry has done to our planet, makes me feel that this really isn’t the next step. But instead we should move our focus inward. So many of our internal problems cannot be fixed by external solutions, no matter how hard we try, we need stop running away.

The one thing most of these videos forget is the aspect of a “mental glow up”, how to not just look like a new person, but also how to feel better, happier, healthier and more accepting of who you are. You can wear all the new clothes you want but that won’t change anything on the inside, unless you decide to change.

How to have a Mental Glow Up:

Spend more time alone, nurture the relationship you have with yourself. One of the hardest facts that we have to face in life is that when we choose to stop caring for ourselves the way we should, we are essentially running away from ourselves. And trust me, avoidance fixes nothing, in fact it only exacerbates the problem. By slowing down and accepting you have yourself, this body you live in is the only one and you always need to have your own back, you begin to understand just how important you are to yourself.

Accept your flaws and imperfections. I think the hardest stage of them all is acceptance, not just knowing that you flaws, just like every other human on the planet, but to also embrace them for their existence. This isn’t something that can be accomplished and then never dealt with again, but rather, it’s a continual life journey that will take you through many stages of uncovering years of shame and building acceptance instead.

Be kinder to yourself. If like me you have an unfortunate history of not being nice to yourself, then this is can also be challenging. Being kind means choosing the right decision for yourself. Yes, someone may need your help but if you are giving away parts of yourself and forgetting to nurture yourself, then take out the time to listen to no one but you, within reason. Bring yourself closer to falling in love with you.

Let yourself rest. And not be mad about it. Similar to being kinder to yourself, it’s also important to take breaks when you need them. And no, not after burning out or pushing yourself to the maximum, but before to avoid those scenarios even happening. Sometimes we need to rest, there doesn’t have to be a trigger, like a deadline or important event, it could be an average Tuesday and you could be letting yourself rest (and note, I didn’t say well-earned, it doesn’t have to be earned to be done).

Find out what works for you. I could go on and on about all the self care tips that work for me, but the bottom line is, is that if they don’t work for you, then this would be an utterly pointless tip. Do whatever works for you, its not about trying to follow the norm or impressing others with your habits. It’s about how they affect you.

Don’t end up back at square one when life throws a curveball. Life happens, even to the best of us life doesn’t leave without its scars. And that’s okay, many circumstance are unforeseeable and can be damaging all at the same time. But that doesn’t mean that you should drop everything and start from square one, you’ve already made so much progress, and picking yourself up from level 30 is easier than level 0.

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