How to Deal with the Summer Blues

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The term “Summer Blues” may be an entirely new concept to you, especially if you’re the type of person who enjoys the warmth, the freedom (sometimes) and just the general vibes that the months from June to August/September bring. But if you’re like me, and aren’t the biggest fan of summer for whatever reason, mine stem from the heat and stickiness (especially true if you live in the UK & have no access to AC units at home) to boredom and unproductivity.

If we switch the term up and exchange it for “Winter Blues”, now that’s now something everyone can relate to, we all feel the dullness of winter, shorter days and darker, colder nights, unless you consider yourself to be optimistic, it makes perfect sense as to why you’d feel low later on in the year.

A few weeks ago I posted a new ‘sticky’ post about my life updates, everything seemed to be going to well, it still is in my opinion, job opportunities were coming my way left, right and centre and the busyness of it helped me thrive and become an efficient person.

And then things stopped. Summer arrived.

It’s been two (working) days since I left work and I’m sitting with my laptop typing this up at 11am because I don’t have much else to do, I’m beginning to miss the rush of work, of getting things done and having new, unpredictable tasks to work on. There wasn’t a period of slowing down, it went from complete and utter chaos (but productive chaos) to complete and utter stillness.

This scared me beyond anything.

But why? You’re probably thinking that it’s a dream come true, to finish work in time for summer and be doing nothing for the next few months apart from relaxation and submerging myself in good vibes. Except, for me it’s not. I like to be active doing things, going places and making new memories, that’s what life is for me. That’s the way life should be lived.

Though it’s only day 2, I made an active decision to sort this out once and for all, to become comfortable with the uncomfortable, and for me that was accepting the stillness since it’s impossible for me to be doing things at every single moment.

How to Deal with the Summer Blues:

Step 1: Acceptance

Just because summer has rolled around, and will do every year, doesn’t mean that you can make it magically disappear because you don’t like it, trust me, I’ve tried. Instead, accept that this is part of your year and your life and come to terms with it, do whatever you feel like you have to.

Step 2: Be comfortable with the uncomfortable

Like I mentioned above, if you don’t like summer, you will be uncomfortable, and you can either spend 3-4 months avoiding this or you can sit with the hard truths and learn more about yourself and your relationship with the world. I did this last year and though every single journal entry was filled with sadness and dullness, I came to understand exactly what it was that I was running away from. Perhaps you will too.

Step 3: Find a meaningful activity

And by meaningful I don’t mean sitting for hours watching Netflix until the early hours of the morning, I mean that inspires you, motivates you and brings meaning into your life. This could be anything from listening to podcasts, doing yoga or working out or meditating, or even as simple as journaling. Find a tool to help you deal with negative emotions and let it fill you with joy instead.

Step 4: Learn something new

This goes hand in hand with finding a meaningful activity, but it’s different in that it should help expand your knowledge and brain, especially during a time when the brain drain is at it’s most prevalent. This could be learning a new language, brushing up your skills on an old one, or even finding an online course across a broad range of options (personally I love FutureLearn, it’s free too!!).

Step 5: Make memories

I know, I know I’ve just gone on a long speech about finding something meaningful to do and learning something new in your free time, but there’s nothing quite like experiencing life with other people, whether you have a significant other, or just a really great group of friends, schedule time in to see a movie, play mini-golf, visit luxurious food places and indulge. After all, it’s summer.

What good is the warmth of summer, without the coldness of winter to give it sweetness.

-Whenlifeawakns (1)

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