BUSY Week in my Life!! [03/06]

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This past week has been the busiest and most eventful week of my entire life thus far, or at least from what I can remember happening within a 7 day period. Everything felt a little bit constrained, like I was somehow running out of time before the days had even begun but I survived and lived to tell the tale. And what an extraordinary tale it turned out to be.

My biggest worry was that I would only be in work for 3 out of the 5 days of the week and so I would be falling behind by the following week. There was a lot of work to be done even for the days I wasn’t going to be physically in the office, my preparation was needed for a bunch of meetings. I tend to work much faster when given a strict and short deadline, even if I am internally screaming the entire way through.

04/06 – The week started off with Eid celebrations, this probably one of first times I got to properly relax after I spent most of the night before pumping balloons and displaying banners around the house, yes though my main job is decor, I take it very seriously indeed. I went to visit family, the weather wasn’t the greatest so there as not as much frolicking in the park as there usually is.

I tried my best to combine comfyness, practicality and also a little big of elegant style.

Around 3pm, we we all arrived home I started to work on my interview prep, going through all the questions and answers I had prepared beforehand and rehearsing all the experience I’d gained over the past few years to impress the interviewer. It was all pretty much going according to plan.

05/05 – The job interview was in the morning and I had woken up earlier than I probably should’ve to prepare, the anxiety and nerves were really getting to me at this point. The interview itself took place in a coffee shop, one I hadn’t been to and was informal, easy-going and well planned. The hot chocolate was amazing (and paid for). I then went to celebrate by planning mini golf and grabbing a huge pizza, I ate the entire thing in just one sitting, I was so proud.

06/06 – the main part of the fun and games, and also my time off work to relax (which honestly was mostly taken up by this job interview anxiety) was quickly coming to an end. I continued a lot of my therapy work, came home absolutely exhausted but treated myself to a caramel milkshake along the way. The best thing was that I finally managed to sleep through the night without interruption, I felt alive.

07/06 – And once again the fun and games began, most of the morning was taken up by me coming up with the idea for this blog post and planning it, all whilst racing against my dying laptop battery. Soon after, it was time for our leaving lunch (all 4 student psychologists) where we enjoyed Thai food, I devoured this it was delicious, and kindly received flowers and thanks from our work colleagues.

08/06 – Just when I thought the relaxing weekend was about to arrive, my family made a spontaneous plan to go to a local cinema and watch Aladdin, and of course, I wasn’t opposed to this at all. The movie was a work of art, comical and had deep underlying lessons, I found myself relating to both Jasmine and Aladdin, of being a woman and underestimated for her work and not being completely and utterly rich. It made and laugh and want to cry. It was beautiful.

09/06 – This is when I finally decided that for my own sanity I needed to become a hermit and spent time in bed recovering from all the social activities that took place over the week. I ended reading an interesting book and got lost in a fictional world, this is incredibly therapeutic and fun to do.

And that concludes the busiest week in my life to date, I look forward to more exciting adventures ahead!!!

-Whenlifeawakns (1)

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