WEEKEND IN MY LIFE: Reset Routine!!

If you’ve read my last few posts, you’ll know the past week or so was probably one of the worst experiences I’ve had in my life so far. I say this knowing full well it’s an exaggeration because I know life will have many more of these unexpected surprises that I cannot control waiting for me. Once I gathered myself and my thoughts I embarked on a journey, it was more about me uncovering a new layer of myself and beginning again, so this weekend I attempted to get my life back together.

Saturday 27th April 2019

8am – one of the things I hate when it comes to Saturday mornings, or weekend mornings in general, is how my body likes to wake up way too early. Bearing in mind I work 8-7, 5 days a week and am usually up at the crack of dawn, weekends are the times I really, really, really need a lie-in. Once I woke up I felt cluttered, my room was a mess (I’m not going to be aesthetic and try to pretend my it’s clean 24/7, so here’s a clearer picture of what it looked it, and yes those wrappers and fizzy drinks made up my breakfast, I really couldn’t be bothered to make food).

11am – …. yes I was still in bed by this time, scrolling through all types of social media, watching episodes of Futurama, I just needed some space to do absolutely nothing at all and just laze around.

12-2pm – this is when things started to get serious and I decided to get up and clean, I cleaned the majority of the house, which is only routine I have in the mornings since my parents went out shopping, washed and dried clothes, scrubbed and swept, and lastly ended took a shower and got dressed. Though physical self-care isn’t the whole of self-care, for me, it’s definitely a start.

2pm – this is when I decided spontaneously that I was gonna leave home and go to university (where is where I’m typing this right now actually) and start creating. I made this choice because I knew it would force me to do my skincare and makeup routine, another self-care goal I managed to achieve today. Despite the fact that I got blown away by the wind many, many times, I managed to take a few pictures of flowers and nature that have bloomed round campus recently.

2-5pm – aside from not wanting to get up this morning, the next difficult thing was to actually try and awaken the creative side of my brain, as most of you have already noticed, my regular schedule of posting 3-4 times a week has pretty much disappeared. My life has gotten much busier, change are occurring (my work contract being nearly over, applying to jobs, meeting friends, keeping on top of two blogs… and more), it’s been hectic to say the least. I feel like words don’t flow out of me as well, I don’t sound as eloquent (or write?).

~ I managed to write a blog post, it’s definitely not my most creative work but I’m proud of having slowly taken the first few steps, regardless.

6pm – Aside from writing and posting a collage of pictures, I drafted around 5 other posts, topics include everything from self-care to forming habits, I know these will help me get back into the swing of writing self-development posts as opposed to personal rants/life issues posts, (I do have a few creative pieces if anyone’s interested in reading them).

7-8pm – I finally arrived home, after battling the elements and almost snapping my umbrella a dozen or so times. and ended up finishing off my leftovers for lunch, I didn’t even try and take a picture, sometimes the food just isn’t that pretty. Now that I’m back in my room, candles have been lit, blankets have been laid and it’s time for me to relax.

10pm – I’m generally an early sleeper and the last thing I remember doing after the whole skincare routine (my serum ran out sadly) before I fell asleep was reading a new book 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson.

I read most of my books on an app called Libby which you can get on most phones and tablets. Highly recommend!!!

Sunday 28th April 2019

3-5am – this was completely and utterly unplanned as well as incredibly frustrating, I woke up having had the weirdest and a little scary, nightmare involving losing my hair and being back in secondary school. It literally made me shudder. And I couldn’t get back to sleep so I ended up on a never-ending spiral of YouTube videos until I eventually fell asleep again.

10am-2pm – I woke up again, this time feeling rested and a little brighter than yesterday. There was no clutter around my room and the house in general was relatively cleaner. I ate breakfast, gave my cat her most needed attention, and got ready as per normal and ended up going to my sisters’ opticians appointment. Boring, I know. But I managed to have social contact with people other than my family which is always put a bounce in my step.

An unhealthy breakfast made ever so slightly healthy?

3-5pm – after spending a bit too much time at the opticians and having gone shopping after, I had some lunch at home and rested for a bit before updating this post once again… and then another unexpected surprise. Guests came over to see our family and for us all to have some brunch together. Despite the fact that I wanted to lay in bed reading or watching Futurama, I’m glad I got to interact and be socially active again. Whatever the science is, I feel better already and much more awake. Social self-care for the win??

I sat in on my sisters eye test and it was interesting to see it being done from the other perspective, usually I’m the one being tested on!

5-7pm – honestly my favourite time of the day where I get to relax and really unwind, usually I read a few chapters of a book, catch up on YouTube videos and watch either a TV show or a movie that I’ve been meaning to watch.

Me. Blanket. Laptop. Notebook. Perfect combination.

7-10pm – this when it hit me that I’ve got a long day of work tomorrow with lots of travelling and an assessment to carry out. But I didn’t let this get me down, I showered, moisturised and got into my comfy pajamas, after having dinner I sat down for a few hours in bed to just breathe and collect my thoughts. I reflected on this past week, the past few days and the weekend in general, and realised how lucky I am to have what I have. It’s not anywhere near perfect, but I love it and am grateful for it nonetheless.

Image result for quotes about doing nothing instead of stressing

And that concludes my reset routine for the weekend including many of things I need to do to move on and keep living the life I want to live with the absolute best version of myself.

-Whenlifeawakns (1)

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