How To Manifest Your Dreams #SERIES

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Welcome to the next post in the Getting Your Life Back On Track #SERIES, which is all about manifestation and understanding that you can turn your dreams into a reality. For the past year, the concept of manifestation has been all over my social media feeds and of course, on my YouTube recommendations. At first, it remained an elusive concept to me mainly because I was not clicking on posts or really seeking out any information for myself, I was never really sure if I wanted to know more, it all sounded a bit up in the air.

One of the first concepts that I learnt about and was drawn to was the idea that your mindset affects your behaviour, which then affects the actions you take, which can also influence the type of company and people you attract into your life. For example, having a positive mindset means you’ll have good habits and take positive actions towards your goals, and then attract the same type of people into your life. Like attracts like. Yet, if you have a negative mindset, you’ll engage in behaviours that will take you further away from your goals and you’ll attract the same kind of people.

If this is the first post you’ve seen of this series, then I recommend you check out what to actually consider when you’re getting our life back on track, how to clarify your mindset and intentions and figure out things to let go of.

“Hold the vision. Trust the process”

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One of the aspects of manifestation is the law of attraction, as I briefly summarised above it’s related to like attracts like, it’s simply the idea that what you choose to focus on will then expand and become abundant. I’ve written many posts of the law of attraction in the past which you can check out here and here. The fact that this concept exists shows how powerful the mind really is in changing perspectives and altering reality, the only way change can really happen is through changing your mindset and combining this with taking appropriate action.

As simple as this sounds, it may not be the case for many people, again because of what we choose to focus on. Without even realising it your mind will focus on and become fixated on your fears, your stressors, everything and anything that you do not want to happen, as opposed to all things that really do. And you may have already experienced, the problem doesn’t stop there, that worry will become a cycle of anxiety, attracting more and more of that into your life.

Be specific about your goals – emphasis on the word specific, if your goal is to become successful, narrow it down, what does success look like to you? Does it equate to wealth? If so, how much more wealth? Does it equate to happiness? If so, how does happiness make you feel? Be clear on the exact emotions, on the exact numbers and everything else in between.

Bring it to the present – one key part of manifestation is mentioning what you want in the future as if you already have it now. The idea behind this is that by making it real in the present day, you’ll start living as if you already have it meaning that it’ll come into your life sooner.

Release the control – as strange as it sounds, the best way for you to be able to attract the things that you want in your life is to detach from the desires that you want. It stops you from worrying about how to go about doing certain things and puts control into the universe. Despite this, keep focusing and taking action and let whatever is meant to happen in its own natural way.

“To manifest your desires give them three things: attention, intent and emotion”

Have you ever had any experiences with the law of attraction or in manifesting your dreams? Let me know in the comments below!!

Getting your Life Back on Track Series 

  1. What to actually consider 
  2. Clarify your Mindset & Intentions 
  3. Figure out things to Let Go of 
  4. **Manifest your Dreams** 
  5. Find Motivation & Inspiration 
  6. Take Action 
  7. Hold Yourself Accountable 

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