50 Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle & Personal Bloggers

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I’ve spoken about inspiration many times on my blog before, mainly to say how inspiration can be fleeting, it can come to us when we least expect it, for me personally it comes when I don’t have access to pen and paper, or my phone. Since our minds have a finite short-term capacity, those great ideas can be long forgotten.

There are times when we feel less inspired to create, we tend to procrastinate and push things far away from us so that we don’t have to deal with them. Little do we know, we’re creating a bigger problem for our future selves. So I thought I’d help out anyone who’s struggling, or anyone who would like more ideas to add to their blogging list. (I currently have over 40 ideas in the works).

25 Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

  1. Give a tour of your home/flat/bedroom. Accompany the text with aesthetic images.
  2. A day or week in the life (or, even perhaps, both). Take your readers on a journey of what you get up during the day.
  3. A bucket list. Share your most exciting goals, whether they’re travel, life, personal or goal related.
  4. Share your all-time favourite movies.
  5. Monthly theme and/or goals. What’s your focus for the month and why? What do you hope to achieve in a month’s time?
  6. Favourite recipe. Take pictures of your creation and encourage your readers to cook too.
  7. What’s in my bag post. A classic good read for many, share your travel essentials and emergency items.
  8. Favourite podcasts. What have you been loving listening to recently and why?
  9. Morning routine. This can be done seasonally, perhaps one for weekdays and weekends.
  10. Night routine. Share your tips on winding down for the night.
  11. Favourite books. What are your most recent reads? What did you enjoy/didn’t enjoy and why?
  12. Favourite TV shows. Have you started something new, or even revisited an old classic, share your thoughts.
  13. Favourite apps. What can’t you live without?
  14. Travel post. Where have you visited recently? Review your activities and what you enjoyed on your travels.
  15. List your favourite bloggers and why admire them.
  16. Tips on how to save money.
  17. Tips on how to stay healthy.
  18. A fitness routine. How do you like to stay fit and healthy?
  19. A round-up of your best blog posts.
  20. One thing you can’t live without.
  21. Create a music playlist for your current mood/current season.
  22. How to manage social media/your blog.
  23. Favourite go-to outfits of the current season.
  24. Show your most recent purchases.
  25. How to save money and budget.

25 Blog Post Ideas for Personal Bloggers

  1. Write a letter to your past/present/future self.
  2. Share some habits that you’re working on.
  3. How to be productive. Share the ways you get motivated to work.
  4. What life lessons have you learnt?
  5. How you create your blog posts, from start to finish.
  6. A self-care routine.
  7. Share your favourite childhood memory.
  8. Share 10 things about yourself.
  9. What are your favourite quotes?
  10. How do you motivate yourself?
  11. A joy list/list of things that make you happy.
  12. Share blogging tips.
  13. How do you get organised?
  14. How to balance a busy life.
  15. Tips on time management.
  16. Write a poem and/or short story.
  17. How to be creative.
  18. The hardest thing you’ve ever been through.
  19. How you started blogging.
  20. Write a follow-up on your most popular post.
  21. How you’ve grown in life.
  22. A life-changing moment in your life.
  23. The hardest decision you’ve ever made.
  24. Your biggest pet peeves.
  25. What does your ideal day look like?

This is a finite list of ideas that can help get you inspired to create more content, I hope you find these useful, if you did, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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