Figure out Things to Let Go of #SERIES

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For this week’s bonus post I’m super excited to announce the revival of my Getting Your Life Back On Track #SERIES. For my older followers, you’ll know I started this in summer 2018 as a way to prepare myself for the upcoming year in an industry that I’m currently in, but to also create a fresh start internally and externally.

Many, many months ago I covered two of the first important areas, what to actually consider when you’re getting our life back on track and how to clarify your mindset and intentions. If you haven’t already check out these posts, I recommend that you do, as these tips work best in order.

How To Release What’s Holding You Back

Acknowledge your fears

When it comes to breaking through the barriers and overcoming the obstacles to getting back on track, you need to understand what it is that’s holding you back. For many of us, this includes our innermost fears, naturally, a fear of something will mean you will want to run as far away as possible from it. For example, the fear of failure is common because of the way society depicts success and happiness, we should always be in this state. And that’s when we lose that space that we actually need to let ourselves fail, even the most successful people have failed countless times.

Just as there is no happiness without sadness, no darkness without light. There is no success without failure.

Know your boundaries

So far, I’ve spoken about fears in a negative light, but prehistorically fear served, and still does, serve an important purpose. It sends signals to our bodies letting us know when we’re in danger and activates the flight-or-fight mode so we can make fast decisions in a matter of mere seconds. Yet, in modern day society, a lot of fears that we had ingrained within us, say getting bitten by a snake, falling off a cliff, aren’t so prevalent anymore. But fear is fear, it will send the same signals. And this is where we have to know our boundaries, if you can differentiate between what’s too risky for yourself, what’s do-able and what’s not risky at all, then you know what fears you’re able to overcome.

Write Goodbye Letters

This last, and final tip is something I’m biased towards, and that is writing goodbye letters. Last summer, I went through moments of happiness and sadness, frustration and anger in a way that was toxic, not just to myself but also to the people around me and my relationships. It was then I decided I needed to make a list of everything that’s holding me back, and then personally write each one out of my life. I addressed each one, thanked it for the purpose it had, then told it I didn’t need it any longer. I was ready to let go. If you want an in-depth guide I wrote a post you can check out here.

“In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.” – Deepak Chopra

Getting your Life Back on Track Series 

  1. What to actually consider 
  2. Clarify your Mindset & Intentions 
  3. **Figure out things to Let Go of **
  4. Manifest your Dreams 
  5. Find Motivation & Inspiration 
  6. Take Action 
  7. Hold Yourself Accountable 

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