February 2019 Goals // CONSISTENCY

It seems like yesterday I was abroad, in a wonderful park on New Year’s day. Time has flown by, which shouldn’t surprise me but every time my breath is taken away. We’ve entered the second, and shortest month of the year. Good, old bitterly cold, rainy & wet February (if you live in the northern hemisphere that is) still I won’t let that drag me down.

If you read my January Journal // 2019 post you’ll know that my theme for January was to get my life back together, my life fell apart at the seams for many, many reasons, and for the longest time I felt like I was anyone, but myself. It was one of the hardest, yet the most life-changing moments of my life, thus far.

One of the few consistent habits I’ve accomplished so far is to build a good skincare routine. The Body Shop goodies have really helped!!

It almost seems like a contradiction to have my February theme be consistency since last month there were so many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes, within myself and the world around me. Yet that’s exactly what my heart yearns for, after the chaos that was my life, I now want some stability.

I want to be consistent with my new habits. I want to be consistent in waking up early. I want to be consistent in going to bed early. I want to be consistent in my routines, for myself, for work and for my life. I want to be consistent with my writing, with my creating and my publishing. I want consistency within myself.

This probably sounds like a dream to some people and a nightmare to others. And yes, I’m aware that this may be impossible at times, life will throw curveballs, circumstances will change and I may even be in a completely different state of mind And that’s okay. I don’t want to stop myself from being who I want to be, instead, I want to be that person, as often and as consistently as I can. A work in progress, if you will.

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Things I want to be consistent in:

  • Self-care – I struggle with this in some ways and not in others, it’s easy to buy a face mask, to sit in front of the TV and binge-watch shows. But it’s not easy to sit with yourself, to dig deep into your negative aspects, your bad habits, your toxic traits, hold yourself accountable for your mistakes. And apologise to others and forgive yourself, to change your behaviour. This is self-care too.
  • Relationships – to keep the people I love and truly care for close by. To remind them consistently that I love them, we could all use a bit more love in our lives and give more. I’ve learnt that from experience.
  • Physical health – again last year this was a struggle, I hadn’t formed it as a habit and still, now it’s something I’m working on. In particular yoga and pilates, as someone who’s been rushing through life for the past 20 years, trying to do a yoga flow is extremely, extremely difficult. My thoughts rush around in my head, I lose concentration and end up feeling bored. This time around the focus is on being with myself, and my thoughts consistently.

What are your goals for February 2019? Share them in the comments below!!

-Whenlifeawakns (1)

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As for now, my main focus is my Instagram account @whenlifeawakens which I gave a huge makeover to since it was my personal account for such a long time, but now it’s my main way to keep in touch my fellow bloggers, to update you on new posts and of course, to be aesthetically pleasing.



11 thoughts on “February 2019 Goals // CONSISTENCY”

  1. Firstly I have to say, your Instagram looks amazing! I’ve got bad lately at interacting but I’ll go through it properly tonight. You have a great theme! I feel I have the same February goal. I need find the balance between freedom and organisation. Just create an overall better consistancy and like you said, work on self-care – not just TV and face masks etc. I hope we both get there! x

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    1. Thank you!! I’ve never been one to stick to a proper theme but the pictures I have up now seem very ‘me’ and I enjoy the aesthetics of it. Consistency is just something I need to make sure I’m doing okay, if I skip out on something as simple as skincare I feel gross and less like my best self. I hope we get there too!! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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