2 Apps That Have Changed my Life

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If anyone knows one fact about me, its that I’m an old-fashioned gal when it comes to organising my life. I prefer pen over paper, for numerous benefits, like being able to remember my tasks better, the motivation of scribbling in a check box plus the excuse it gives me to buy a bunch of cute pens, planners, highlighters and all the rest of it. For me, paper had always trumped online applications (I used a habit tracker, one I hand-crafted myself in my journal in 2018).

However, since I upgraded my phone at the end of 2018, and now that it runs more efficiently, I find myself intrigued in the hundreds of organisational apps that have come about. They happen to have everything from to-do lists, habit trackers, planners and even personal diaries. I was spoilt for choice.

Currently, I’ve found 2 apps that really work for me, one as a to-do list that serves as a way to record my daily routines and a habit tracker that I can use to record all of my 2019 habits. Though I still need to practice being disciplined, I’m finding these apps helpful.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing” – Walt Disney.


Not gonna lie, I’ve seen every single person on the internet, and not on the internet, absolutely rave about how great this app with all it’s useful functions. I used to use it years ago but never really got into it. But now this is my go-to from recording what I have to do for work, to my blog content and even down to my day and night routines.

Along with the fact that it’s user-friendly, you can create folders for bigger tasks, star the ones that are the most important, and for me personally, I find the fact that you can set reminders and due dates on the app keeps me in check and enables me to be more disciplined then how I used to be.

All the starts indicate the importance of the tasks and ones I need to always keep in mind.
I decided it was going to be so much easier to create folders for all my lists.
I gave myself a time limit for some tasks, it means I don’t need to remember when to actually do things anymore!!
A snapshot of my ideal morning routine for work, it’s a good day when this all goes to plan.
A snapshot of my ideal night routine, all my favourite ways to unwind.


The second app that’s helped me track and see my progress is Habits, this is, in a way a minimalist. There’s very little going on on the main screen, you can, of course, change the colours put all you really need to do is to check/uncheck when you’ve done the habit. Just like Wunderlist, you can set reminders for any time of day. A clear, simple app that makes habit tracking much, much easier.

These are all my current habits for 2019, and they’re all easily recorded day-by-day with minimal effort. It’s simple and easy to navigate too.

So far, about a month into the new year, this is what has been working really for me. I might try and experiment more with other productivity and organisational apps. Do you use your phone to organise your life? What apps would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below!!

-Whenlifeawakns (1)

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10 thoughts on “2 Apps That Have Changed my Life”

  1. I’m also old fashioned when it comes to organisation (I don’t think I’ll ever not have a diary lol) These APPS look very handy though and considering my phone is always with me it makes sense to start using something like this. Thanks for sharing! 😊

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  2. I love Habits! It’s such a simple app to keep track of everything. I’ve never used Wunderlist but it looks like it would organize my life a lot haha.

    Liked by 1 person

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