How to Survive the Winter Months

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Depending on where you live in the world (a warm hello to my readers from all over the globe!!) the winter months and colder seasons can be, in a way, pretty brutal. They can take a toll on your physical health, hence the seasonal colds and flu, but even more importantly, they can affect your mental health. My last post, which talked about the January Blues in a way links nicely to this post, where I talk about different tips and tricks to surviving the bitterly cold weather.

If you consider yourself a lover of all things frosted, icy and cold, then a huge props to you, I really don’t know how you do it, but if like myself, (a British person) you really get down in the dumps and put up a whole fuss and bother about what awful weather is going to come next, you’ll be glad to know I’ve found ways to make it seem much less awful (don’t worry, you can thank me later).

“No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn” – Hal Borland.

Invest in good quality clothing and footwear – you’d be surprised how many people have weathered a great deal of winter, and needlessly suffered, just because they hadn’t taken the time out to invest in quality pieces. This is not to say you have to break the bank, but look for winter coats that are waterproof with a warm lining and plenty of pockets, as well as some boots with a good grip. Just buying these two pieces can make a world of a difference.

Take more time to reflect – this seems like an all-year-round tip, but I highly encourage you to reflect more in winter because things like, lack of sunlight, a drop in temperatures and long, dark bitterly cold days can all negatively affect your mood, and it’s helpful to know that the season itself is causing this rather than something that is inherently wrong with you. You can reflect on happy memories you may have made, friends that you may have seen, comedic moments that made you laugh out loud. Think about what instilled joy in you, even if it was just a fleeting moment, and know that you can make the most of every moment.

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Treat yourself to luxury items – the arrival of the colder season is the perfect chance to go out shopping and replace any of the summer items you have with more cosy and comfy items. For me, this would definitely be candles, I am a huge lover of candles, both for their practicality, lovely scents but also the fact that they make any room a hundred times cosier. If you’re not a huge fan of candles try buying some winter accessories, like knitted scarves or some quality gloves. Extra warmth and cosiness is a bonus factor.

Go for the (seasonal) hot drinks – if you’re a fan of coffee or tea, then consider yourself lucky, you always have something to look forward to in the mornings, evenings, or pretty much any time of day which will help warm you up and bring those fuzzy feelings of relaxation to light. But for all my hot chocolate fans out there, like myself, this can be a bit tricker, one thing that’s helped me is taking little sachets to work with me so I can make an instant mug of wholesome goodness whenever I need to.

It’s all temporary – just like pretty much everything else in life, the winter months are all temporary, the spring and summer months will roll around just like they always do, so if that is what excites you, the seasons up ahead, then it’s more than okay to anticipate that with excitement. I know everyone isn’t made to like certain seasons and that’s perfectly okay, as long as you know how to cope so it doesn’t impact you physically or mentally as much as it could.

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6 thoughts on “How to Survive the Winter Months”

  1. I always think winter is the best time to reflect. Maybe because in the summer, people are so preoccupied going out and trying to enjoy the sun. It’s almost more acceptable to stay indoors during the cold, so you have more opportunity to be alone and to reflect.

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