How To *Actually* Stick To Your Goals in 2019

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We all love a bit of goal-setting, especially now that we’ve entered a brand, new year, it’s pretty hard to resist the concept of setting targets for yourself to reach for, and to hopefully accomplish at some point within the year. But then comes the gruesome part, physically carrying out those goals on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. It’ at this point where we realise motivation and inspiration alone won’t be enough to keep us going for the next 365 days, we come across many obstacles and soon give up.

Setting goals is one thing, physically taking steps to accomplish them is another, we tend to forget this while we’re so wrapped in the euphoria of change and fresh starts.

Knowing the why – the entire purpose of setting goals is to, at some point in life achieve them, and the only way a goal can be achieved is knowing the reason behind why you set them. This is what separates you from people who are striving to reach goal’s that aren’t necessarily theirs and those who are mindlessly existing hoping one day they’ll achieve them. Once you have your ‘why’ you have a meaningful purpose as well as a foundation on which you can discipline yourself and help keep you on track.

Make it meaningful – this links to the point before in that once you have your ‘why’ achieving your goals becomes easier, another thing that helps is to think about whether the goals you’ve set align with your core values. Your core values are essentially what make up your entire being and what’s most important to you, if your goals align with said values, then it means that you’re truly living intentionally and becoming the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

Make the goal more interesting – if one of your goals is related to fitness, perhaps attending the gym or starting off with at-home workouts, make it more interesting to do by trying new routines, listening to powerful and empowering playlists or even spending a little bit of money on workout gear. When we think of accomplishing new goals there’s often a traditional way that’s seen as the ‘right’ way, but if you really think about it, there’s no wrong way either, as long as you’re achieving your goals and living your best life.

Prioritise what’s important to you – many of us in the goal-setting process realise that we have about a hundred things we want to accomplish, that we would like to do, until it dawns upon us that there is no possible way we have the time for all of them. Instead, prioritising the main goals rather than the secondary goals means that you’ll feel less overwhelmed with the amount you have to do, and you’ll be more likely to accomplish more of them. It seems fitting to say that less is more.

Prepare for the fall – this seems almost like a negative trick to get accomplishing your goals, but it uses the idea of future planning to ensure that when the inevitable time of losing your way comes, you can easily get back on track. We all hit those pesky obstacles and roadblocks that decrease our levels of motivation to the point where begin to question why we’re even trying in the first place, though we can’t stop this from happening we can put a plan into place, this could a motivational letter, a self-care routine, a pamper day or anything else, all to help us get started once again.

As I mentioned before setting goals is all well and good but the real challenge and the real reward is in taking action, without a why or an intense purpose, this can get tricky, so whenever you’re planning new goals consider the points above and you’ll realise how much easier you can overcome those challenges.

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