A Writing Rant.

I’m not a huge rant person, I tend to keep myself to myself a lot because I’m a huge believer in spreading positive energy and positive vibes. I honestly really do hate being that person that just complains and rants all the time, especially since there’s just so much negativity in the world anyway, being that silver lining for someone, even if that person is you is incredibly important. We need the love and unity in this world, yet all that seems to be happening is division and hate, we forget to treat our fellow humans with respect, with dignity and morality. How did we come to stoop so low?

It’s been probably 10 days since I last published a blog post, first I needed to figure out a way to balance my new work life with my blogging life, things fell out of place a little bit, but all in all it was something I knew I could handle. I just didn’t want to.

I love writing, I love blogging, I love having this little corner of the internet to call my own all whilst writing about topics that interest me and those interest others out there too. Except there’s much less interest in my latest posts, I go through these peaks and troughs just like any other person does. That’s just the way the platform works, the way creating content works.

Lately, it’s been nagging me a lot that a lot of the people I consider close friends have never been supportive of me, of my writing, it’s something they prefer to turn a blind eye despite my literal pleadings for someone to check or perhaps even just skim through my content. I know that I can’t put the blame on others entirely because that’s probably just unfair, and there could be a whole legitimate reason for why I’m not attracting the people I want to attract, that’s entirely separate from this. It’s just become more and more difficult when it starts becoming a part of you, my writing is like me sharing a part to my soul with the universe.

I don’t know if this is something I’ll even keep up with anymore. I hate the way it makes me feel inside. I don’t feel good enough.


4 thoughts on “A Writing Rant.”

  1. This just made me feel so alive. You are in the moment and offering a state of your true consciousness which I massively respect.

    There are a million and one things I could say or advise to you in this situation…but I will leave it at…you are on the right track….so be proud of yourself.

    What you are witnessing is what I call the “Other side”…When you step beyond that line of convention and it starts to scare the shit out of people.

    You write from the heart and put yourself out on the line for people to read…critique…praise…and comment on…that…takes real balls and courage.

    Some people won’t get what you do…a lot won’t want to get it…but there will always be those that are captivated in a part of their soul by your words and passion.

    A few of those will be some of the people you think aren’t checking it out…but they are and they just don’t know how to admit it to you.

    People will come and go…but what I feel matters the most from reading your post…is that you will change and affect lives from what you do and will align yourself with those who do truly respect you.

    Maybe it’s the people around you now…maybe it’s not.

    Don’t forget…if you got signed tomorrow…a book deal…magazine deal…gained a million followers…and became a global hit with your words…those people wouldn’t act like they didn’t know what you did.

    They would all be on the band wagon wanting to reap the benefits.

    Guess that’s just how people are…the refute of acknowledging your passion is their neurological issue…not yours.

    Keep doing you my friend…stay amazing!


  2. I hope u can find a way to love it again!!
    maybe u have to write for you, and NOT for others like your friends.
    maybe you’re putting too much attention on that you’re not attracting what you want, so try something else.

    I’m sure there will be a positive shift! ❤

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