My Most Ideal & Productive Day

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Let’s be honest, we all envision a perfect day from time to time, we see our better selves in our minds going about their day-to-day lives in a seemingly perfect manner. For me today is one of those days, I’m at home with the rain heavily pouring down, stuck in bed with what seems like the remnants of an illness hoping for some motivation to strike so I can schedule the second blog post of this week. It wasn’t easy.

Motivation did strike in a very unusual way, I took my sulking about how the timing of this illness was terrible and how things really needed to get done, yet I needed some rest to actually recover, and turned into the most ideal and productive day in my life. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Since I’m unable to right at this very moment to live out my thoughts of my ideal day, I decided to instead list out how I could live it in the near future, taking note of things that bring me joy and enable me to be the best version of myself I can possibly be.

The Ideal Morning

  • Waking up before the sun – now this to many seems like an impossibility, waking up in the mornings is a difficult thing to do, but there are many healthy habits you can implement such as gradually changing your body clock and planning out your day the night before.
  • Meditation – my favourite thing to do in the morning is to energise my body, clear my mind and visualise myself moving through the day with a sense of calm.
  • Delicious breakfast – I’ve been pretty poor lately in prepping myself a breakfast that’s both nutritious and delicious, I’ve been reaching for sugar waffles more than I’d care to admit, so I want to start using more natural ingredients like eggs and bread and consuming more fruits.
  • Drinking a lot of water – I tend to forget how much the human body needs water and how crucial it is to our daily lives, we need it for so many of the processes in our bodies to be working efficiently, and a huge bonus is that it’s effective at waking us up in the mornings too.
  • Comfy clothes – this is an important part of my daily life, wearing clothes that I feel confident wearing, but that are also comfortable help me be more productive since my mind isn’t distracted by how itchy a certain item is or how I can’t wait to get home into my pj’s.
  • Tackling my to-do list – I genuinely recommend planning the night before, so that it becomes so much easier to get to taking action, the work can be started much earlier and in the mind becomes clearer.

The Ideal Afternoon

  •  A mini refresh – for some people when they reach a state of flow starting in the morning that continues to the afternoon, they’d rather just go, go, go. Never underestimate the power of a mini refresh, whether this is a short meditation or breathing exercise, or even just standing up and going for a short walk. You are the first priority.
  • Energising lunch – for all the same reasons as having a good breakfast to start the day, again I’m guilty of ordering not so healthy food or skipping on lunch altogether if I’m feeling particularly lazy. Ideally, I’d like to consume healthy food that will prevent the somewhat inevitable afternoon slump.

The Ideal Evening

  • Relaxation – once I’ve arrived back home in the evening one of the first things I’d like to do is relax, just breathe in and out, and in and out…. until I reach a sense of calm and relaxation.
  • Healthy Dinner – unlike breakfast and lunch I, more often than not, look forward to having dinner, something filling and warm and especially delicious since we’re now approaching the winter months.
  • Reading – this is a habit I’ve spoken about in previous posts and one that I’ve come to love, ever since I got back into reading and being a huge bookworm in general, it gives my mind something to think about, like a form of escape from the day I’ve had, and helps bring about the relaxing vibe that I love.
  • Deep cleanse – the evening time is also my favourite time to use face masks, to take a long relaxing bath with bath bombs and in general give my skin a good pick me up, which again falls in line with getting myself relaxed both physically and mentally.
  • Comfy clothes part 2 – you can never have enough comfy clothes, especially pj’s, though I live my weekends in my pj’s, having another set of comfy clothes is a huge plus to feeling extra relaxed, cosy and comfy.
  • Lights out – an evening routine would not be an evening routine if I didn’t try and go to sleep at a reasonable time, in an ideal world, or at least my ideal world, lights out would be around 11pm, which I’m still working on. Slowly but surely, I know I’ll get there.

So that was a complete run-down of my ideal day, including steps I’d take to be productive in the morning and afternoons, yet also relaxed in the evenings. Of course, my ideal day may be completely different from yours. But it’s definitely worth contemplating, and once you’ve contemplated go full force ahead at trying to achieve it. A dream doesn’t have to remain a dream if you have the mindset, vision and determination to make it into a reality.

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15 thoughts on “My Most Ideal & Productive Day”

  1. I love this post cause i been trying to have ideal days too! I heard u have to write them down to manifest them. I’m still being lazy to get up and write, but i’ll fix it soon.
    this list definitely suits me too ❤
    Thanks for sharing!

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