3 Habits That Changed My Life

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Ever since I was a child habits were something I could never keep, whether it was filling out my diary every day (I did this at the start of every year for about two weeks, if that) or even eating breakfast or any other meal on a daily basis. As terrible as that sounds, habits bored me, I felt like living my life trying to follow a set of rules was just no way to have fun or to even live.

Fast forward many, many years later and habits are something I strive to keep as regularly as I possibly can, given my natural child tendencies, this does get difficult at times and I’ve had to pick myself up and start again more times than I can count. But it’s all just a process, a cycle if you will that can be continued, modified or even completely removed, with a bit of hard work, motivation and sheer willpower, so starting afresh from season to season, or even month to month, is something I look forward to.

Despite the number of changes in my habits that have taken places, there are always a select few that give my life the essence that’s needed, that enables me to be the absolute best and most productive and happiest version of myself that I can be. I find myself coming back to these habits so often and the benefits that I reap from practising them is unlike any other self-care habits I’ve tried. Of course, this is all coming from my sole perspective and there are a variety of different opinion and different experiences on these habits, it’s all just trial and error that’s been the most useful in helping me solidify these into my daily, if not weekly routine.

Habit #1: Meditation

Meditation is something that’s not quite solid in my routine if I’m being perfectly honest, mainly because of the huge variety of ways it can actually be practised. From guided to unguided meditation to using nature sounds or white noise, there is truly something for everyone, and I’m still exploring all of these different options. From my experience so far, I would recommend HeadSpace for beginners because it offers a simple guide to getting started, but my favourite so far has to be the Simple Habit App. The variety of free resources to choose from is incredibly useful but what I love the most is the option to choose a meditation practice based on time of day, the emotions that you’re feeling and much more.

Habit #2: Reading

At heart, I’ve always been such a huge bookworm, from my trips to the library when I was in secondary school to buying the latest YA novels I could possibly get my hands on. But then, life happened. For a good four years, I was swamped and occupied with my education, to the point where textbooks became the only thing I actually ever read and I ended up burying the craving I had to read by telling myself I had no time, it was just work, work, work from now on.

Fortunately, I discovered the Libby App from a fellow blogger/YouTuber and once I added my library card account onto the system I was in book heaven once again, I felt giddy like I’d been given access to thousands of books, for free, right at my fingertips, which I had. Since the start of April, which was when I first downloaded the app, I’ve read around 40 books, everything from YA fantasy, to crime, and even self-development and self-care books. It’s truly been life-changing, and every time I read a book I feel transported into a safe haven, where I feel content, at peace and most important of all, happy.

Habit #3: Alone Time

If you’ve read my previous post on the life lessons I learnt this summer, you’ll know how much I changed the relationship that I had with myself, I was very critical and incredibly harsh towards myself, it was as if I viewed myself with nothing but a negative and judgemental lens. But then the holidays began, I was thrown out of my daily routine of being surrounded by friends and just people in general in university to complete an utter loneliness. Of course, I met friends from time to time, but on a daily basis I was just with me, myself and I, and I had to deal with it.

As time passed, I realised if I was going to actually benefit from my summer and enjoy it I needed to start being nicer to myself, I practised many different self-care habits from writing down a love letter to myself and taking myself onto artists’ dates. At the beginnning, I did feel a little silly but I ended up feeling nourished spiritually, emotionally and mentally, I had succeeded in enriching my life by being a better person to myself.

Though this is the end, it’s really just the beginning. I know as this year in the workplace passes by I’ll be dealing with many new experiences and lifestyle changes, that will definitely require more life-changing habits. And if they succeed in being life-changing then it’ll be worth sharing.

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  1. I think reading and alone time are two very strong habits/factors for anyone wanting to grow as a person! 🙏🏻💫

    Have you checked out my new blog post? Let me know your thoughts 💗💗💗

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