A Blogger’s World: Dealing with a Funk


Not too long ago I fell back into my unhealthy habits of not eating enough healthy food, not drinking enough water, going to sleep at ridiculous times and waking up at even more ridiculous times, these are but just a few. And during this period I came to the realisation that blogging is hard.

Yes, you heard me right, blogging is difficult, to people on the outside it seems like us bloggers magically come up with content and publish it in the click of a button. But, honestly, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Some of the blogging truths that I’m going to mention are definitely not for the faint of heart, and definitely not for those who are thinking of becoming famous or rich, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme either.

Blogging, for me personally, is a love/hate relationship. Some days I will have the best ideas and words will flow from my brain right down to my fingertips as if by magic, and other days I won’t even want to open up my drafts and look at my ideas because it all seems too much, too overwhelming, something I can’t actually handle despite doing this for two years. And on top of that, blogging is not a linear curve, producing more posts doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll become more successful. It has a part to play, but success is more so related to actual blog content, the quality of the ideas you produce and so much more. So even when you’ve poured out your entire heart and soul out onto a blog post, it might not get as many views or likes or comments compared to some of the other posts you’ve made, but that’s just how it is. There are highs and there are lows, there are good days and there are bad days, and that’s just how things are in the blogging world. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, trust me. 

These reasons make it easy for us bloggers to fall into the trap of comparison, looking at other bloggers who are more successful, who have good quality content, who seemingly have special connections with others and are just better, at practically everything. It’s easy to feel like a failure, to feel like you don’t belong in such a huge world when all you see is everyone else pushing through boundaries. And when you yourself reach those milestones, things don’t become any easier, the more you grow, the harder it becomes, though you’ve reached those goals, to climb even higher you need to work harder and maintain it all.

All in all, blogging has to come with passion, it has to come with a unique voice because when you become demotivated and uninspired, it’ll be there to help you push through. But aside from having those aspects, there are many other ways of dealing with the so-called blogging funk:

  • Creative unplug – find time to unplug from the world, switch off your phone, your laptop and any other electronic devices you may have and just be. We’re always so connected to the world that it can sometimes be hard to breathe, let along let the creative muscle exercise itself to bring you fresh, new ideas.
  • Changing routines – one cause of feeling uninspired is being stuck in the same, old, boring routine that brings you neither joy nor satisfaction. Spend some time researching healthy morning and evening habits and implement what works for you.
  • Find sources of inspiration – whether you are inspired by reading books, watching videos or even simply being in nature, take advantage of this and use to help fuel your creativity.
  • Journal prompts – at times when being original just seems incredibly overwhelming and difficult to achieve, journal prompts or prompts, in general, can go a long way, perhaps even to the point where you can put your own spin on an old, overused idea.
  • Doing research – it also helps to figure out what other bloggers are currently writing about in your particular niche, what seems to be grabbing everyone’s attention? Is it useful and with this engage with your audience, asking them what they’d like to see from you is better than writing posts that have no purpose.

This how you do it: you sit at a keyboard and you put one word after another, until its done. It’s that easy and that hard – Neil Gaiman

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As for now, my main focus is my Instagram account @whenlifeawakens which I gave a huge makeover to since it was my personal account for such a long time, but now it’s my main way to keep in touch my fellow bloggers, to update you on new posts and of course, to be aesthetically pleasing.



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5 thoughts on “A Blogger’s World: Dealing with a Funk”

  1. I am definitely in a funk at the moment… I was reading other bloggers posts with similar content and started to doubt that the world needs ANOTHER blog like mine, especially when there are so many other talented bloggers out there.
    I did find some inspiration in your post though so I’m truly thankful for you sharing this 😊

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    1. I definitely agree it’s hard to find a unique standpoint when want you to say has either already been said by other bloggers or been overused as an idea in itself. I’m pushing through because I know my voice is still my own and I can still be unique in the content that I share 😊 thank you for reading!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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