Getting your Life Back on Track #SERIES

Over the past month, I’ve fallen into a huge rut, for most of the year so far, I was doing well I had habits I wanted to keep and religiously followed if I do say so myself, and I even had my intentions set in stone. My goals, for once in my life were right in front of me, and I had everything I took to succeed, or so I thought.

Fast forward a few months and I’m sitting at a desk wondering how and why things went wrong, slowly but surely I let go of all my habits, even ones I enjoyed because of how much time I was spending on my phone, on my laptop, how often I was binge-watching different shows. At the end of it all I got bored and frustrated, why was I doing this? Honestly, I had no clue, but then I figured it out. Just as I had gotten bored with doing practically nothing, I was also bored with my routines, my habits, the life I ultimately created for myself, there reached a moment where I just wasn’t excited, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled by anything.

So then I decided something major, I decided to get my life back on track, I’ve watched a bunch of different videos, read dozens of articles all so that I can successfully, at one point in time reach all the goals and all the visions that I want to obtain. As I was carrying out my research, I realised changing my life for the better was going to be no easy feat, it was going to be difficult, there would many processes that I’d have to go through, again and again, I was starting from scratch with almost nothing.

Steps to Consider: from my own knowledge and with the help of others I managed to compile a list of steps that will help guide your focus onto getting back on track.

  1. What caused the failure/rut in the first place? Was it because of certain life stresses, boredom, did you find yourself faced with life-changing events, were you trying to handle too much at once? Find your why and accept its existence. We all need to understand that accepting growth and adapting to changes when they arise is all part of human nature, it doesn’t matter how often you have to get back on track, just as long as you actually do.
  2. Why do you want to get back on track? Do you have goals and ambitions that you want to fulfil? Are you looking for a change, a more positive lifestyle? Set your intentions, they will guide you through whenever you falter, as long as you remember your why. If you’re doing this because of someone or something else, don’t bother, true change comes from within.
  3. Get back to basics. Once you’ve figured out the reason(s) for your dip, gradually think about ways to step up again, if you failed at juggling 10 habits at once, find the 2 most important and tackle them first. Take out time to reflect how you can approach certain problems. You know yourself best and only you can implement the changes you want to live the life you seek.
  4. Embrace the imperfections. So you failed, it’s probably not the first time and it most likely won’t be the last either, make peace with that. It’s perfectly fine to fall down just as long as you pick yourself up.
  5. Seek inspiration. When things get a little boring when you find yourself falling out-of-place, change things up, if you don’t change-up your everyday routine it’ll become harder to stay on track. Seek new books, or videos, or blogs and vlogs or even talk to a friend or people around you that you are inspired by, and you’ll find yourself opening up to new experiences, new lessons and may even take on a new perspective in life.
  6. Keep yourself accountable. If you don’t have a system for tracking the many things happening in your life, you’ll never know what to change or what to keep the same or even if you’ve made progress in any way. Whether you want to habit track or keep a simple checklist for the day or week, know where you are and where you want to be.
  7. If things don’t go to plan, try something new. Not everything will work the first time around, there’s usually no guarantee. But what I can guarantee is that if you keep trying, keep researching, keep learning and be open, you’ll find a way to succeed. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

So far that’s my non-exhaustive list on tackling the issues of getting your life back on track since this is just the beginning of my journey, and yours too if you wish to join things will be a little hazy and difficult, but we will succeed. 

Getting your Life Back on Track Series 

  1. **What to actually consider** 
  2. Clarify your Mindset & Intentions 
  3. Figure out things to Let Go of 
  4. Manifest your Dreams 
  5. Find Motivation & Inspiration 
  6. Take Action 
  7. Hold Yourself Accountable 

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13 thoughts on “Getting your Life Back on Track #SERIES”

  1. I really related to this post, I was the same way, the first half of the year I was productive and motivated and now I can’t seem to thoroughly go through anything, this is a great post! I love the way you set the steps up in almost question form!

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