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I never thought I’d be sitting here and typing away at another monthly updates post, oh how time flies, I remember at the beginning of March when I was trying to come up my theme for the month and narrow down what exactly it was that I wanted to achieve. And I’m proud to say I managed to get through the month, this month was, in particular, a struggle but I survived. I’ve got another post coming soon describing my struggles and how I managed to overcome them.

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These were the three goals I set myself three weeks ago, first to try to take some time out for my mental health, to use a candle for helping to improve my focus and lastly, to explore the mindfulness category on Spotify. And of course, my overarching goal and theme for the month was self-care.

So now comes the burning question, how exactly did I do?

  • In terms of taking a mental health day off once a week, this I considered being the goal I really strived for and pushed myself to spend a day doing nothing. This most likely doesn’t sound like a big deal to any of you reading this but a person like me, a self-proclaimed perfectionist and workaholic, this was a habit that was a long time coming. As for these last few weeks, I spent a day, sometimes two letting my mind just wonder, relax and release the pressures of everyday life, and for the most part I’d say I succeeded. Yet I’ve still got to work on actually focusing these days off on my mental health.
  • Then in terms of burning a candle and letting myself focus on it, this ended up being easy, to begin with, and I was regularly burning an absolutely lovely smelling candle, but this habit, in particular, dwindled pretty fast. It’s been about two weeks since I last burned a candle, I’m also running low on supplies. A half success, and a half failure? I’ll work on this for next time.
  • And lastly, my goal of listening to mindfulness podcasts ended in a similar fashion as the previous habit, I started off with an excitement, podcasts were, and still are a novelty to me, I quite like them despite having thought they wouldn’t be for me. I have a few select favourites, in the mindfulness category I love The Mindful Kind by Rachael Kable, the rest I’ve spoken about in a recent blog post.

Overall, my quest for self-care and these goals, in particular, wasn’t entirely fruitless. I learnt a lot about my not-so-happy self, I learnt the importance of self-care and how I need to practice it often, not just when I end up in a horrible place. Most of all I understood that keeping track of my goals like this, and sometimes, seeing that I don’t always succeed helps to keep my perfectionism at bay. I’ve come to realise, failure = lessons learnt not time wasted.



-Whenlifeawakns (1)

4 thoughts on “MARCH UPDATES”

  1. “Failure = lessons learnt not time wasted” – I love that, its so true! Any sort of obstacle I have had has turned out to be life changing as sometimes we settle to quickly for “the perfect life”
    I really enjoyed reading your update, maybe its something I should start doing to 🙂

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