Being Intentional In What You Consume

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*WARNING* This post is pretty long but worth the read!!

If any of you have read the posts I’ve recently published from my 2018 goals to my current life updates, you’ll know the one thing I’ve mentioned time and time again is being intentional with what you consume. But what exactly does this mean? And, is it even worth it?

My answers to both of those questions are yes, and yes again. This whole concept (this really is a huge idea that deserves to be seen as a concept in itself), can be summed up pretty nicely into the phrase, create more and consume less. To begin with, this whole idea in my mind was a very abstract one, there was a point last year where I had, what I like to call, an epiphany.

Now, this epiphany just somehow clicked when I was writing my post on social media and self-recovery mainly because when the idea first came to me I knew what it was that I wanted to convey but I just couldn’t translate my thoughts and feelings into written text (as with many writers this usually is the difficult part) so I decided to delve deeper into the topic itself. After researching through articles, podcasts and YouTube videos, the general feeling I came across was that despite our inherent use of social media it actually does us more harm than good (if you want to learn more about my thoughts in the topic check out the post linked above).

Regardless of the fact that this in itself isn’t new information at all, countless studies have been carried out on the effect of social media use and its relation to health, there wasn’t much information on how we can actually minimise our use of social media, and in turn, lead somewhat better lives. However, this isn’t to say that all social media is bad, there are positive nooks and crannies that have now been more exposed than they’ve ever been before, which in my eyes is a huge step in the right direction.

Yet the concept that for me helped to detach myself from the negativity of social media came from the idea of being intentional. What I mean by this is that instead of scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or whatever it may for hours on end, and by the end of it feeling either sluggish or pretty shitty about myself. I would use social media in a way that was intentional, in such a way that I was aware that despite how perfect other people’s lives may look, the way they portray it barely scratches the surface, and in reality, we all have our moments. And from that active awareness, I would make sure I wouldn’t let any of it get to me. I unfollowed anything and everything that brought me negative vibes, and instead followed pages that I had a genuine interest in, whether it be philosophy, quotes or feel good material. As I mentioned before there are positive places and making yourself more aware of those is a great help.

Now that I’ve covered the part of consuming less or consuming more intentionally, it’s time to move on to creating more. In my eyes, creating is an experience that is unique to the individual and as a result, can take a variety of different forms, from reading to writing to drawing to listening. There’s practically an endless list of bringing creativity into your life. For me personally, creating more boils down to a few of my favourite hobbies, one of which is writing through blogging and journaling, practicing meditation and mindfulness and finally, listening to podcasts.

However, there’s a flipside to creating more that I enjoy just as much, and that is experiencing creativity through other people’s art. Even though I’m not directly creating more through the means of blogging or writing or any other means, I’m creating a better version of myself, in the sense that I’m growing as a person, learning new things that will eventually through practice lead to self-development, self-awareness and self-growth.

Though being intentional with what you consume started off as such an abstract concept that took me many months to pick apart and finally bring into practice what I wanted to preach. I can confidently say that by having this as a foundation from which I’ve carried on building my life and ultimately myself, I’ve gained a much better sense of awareness as well as a healthier relationship with myself and others.

P.S. I’ve finally decided to add in my social media links down below, follow me to find out what I get up on the daily, and leave your usernames in comments, I’ll be sure to check them out too!!

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11 thoughts on “Being Intentional In What You Consume”

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