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In my last post, I mentioned how I’ve already managed to incorporate some of my 2018 goals into my daily routine, and the extent to which this had a life-changing impact on me. As cliche as it sounds, following your goals and dreams even if it’s as simple as picking up a new habit can do wonders for your mental and spiritual health and opens up the path towards future success.

This month’s theme is all about self-love, self-care and building the foundations towards a healthy relationship with myself, and in turn, with others. As a result, I’m going to keep the daily goals I’ve incorporated:

Goals OLD.png

And of course, sprinkle in a few more:

Goals NEW.png

Self-care is something that I struggle with, despite the number of times or the number of blog posts I have on the importance of treating your body with love and care, I find myself in times of trouble and stress doing just the opposite. The pressures I put on myself and that is mounted upon me by others can turn very ugly, after weeks of pushing myself and finding myself at my peak, I find it wasteful to stop and recharge and instead plough on through. Which, as you can probably imagine has a huge negative impact on both my physical and mental health.

The mindfulness that led me to this conclusion and opened my eyes and mind to this awareness, has helped me not only to re-evaluate the way I ultimately live my life but also the way I treat my body, knowing that this was and still is my biggest struggle both saddened me yet motivated me to continue making lifestyles changes, the first of which was redirecting my focus and being intentional with what I consume.

Despite the many changes that I, as a person may go through, knowing that this is a good first step in the right direction gives me a lot of comfort, I know that over time and through incorporating these mini goals, I will eventually be happy with who I am as a person. Let’s all strive together for health, prosperity and a life full of lessons.

-Whenlifeawakns (1)



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