MY 2018 GOALS!!

2018 goals

New Year’s Eve has finally arrived and everyone is hustling and bustling, some to start ahead with the celebrations and festivities that the new year brings and others, like myself, to start de-cluttering and getting rid of negative energies that surround our space. Yet another very important task for me to complete before the clock strikes 12 is to come up with my final list of 2018 goals.

Goals vs. Resolutions? This an important debate I’ve had in my head for a long while, do I set a list of resolutions or do I set goals? and if I choose one, are there actually any differences between them? Traditionally, I’ve always seen resolutions as a list of fun, and in most cases life-changing experiences that we all want to have. For example, learning a new skill, taking more time out for your hobbies, or the infamous trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. Whereas, goals are more solid plans relating again to your hobbies and interests but also towards work life and important aspects of self-development. You can choose either one and modify it to your needs if you wish, but there’s just something about setting ‘2018 Goals’ that gives me a little boost of inspiration motivation.    

So far I’ve come up with 3 separate categories, my personal life, my academic life and my blogging life, and each one of these categories will have goals dedicated to them:


Be intentional with what I consume – this sounds a little confusing but it simply states is that whatever type of media I chose to consume, I have to always take a step back and reflect. For example, I used to be negatively affected by social media and how everyone’s lives seemed to be so perfect. But then I realised how consuming this fake ‘perfection’ our mindsets became incredibly distorted.

Take more time out to reflect – I am one of those people who is a huge advocate of self-improvement and reflection is the perfect way to do that. For me personally, reflection includes meditation and journaling, and it also helps channel negative energy into something else that just sitting and feeling sorry for myself.

Be active decision-maker – I find it so easy to sit around and wait and wait and wait, for the perfect moment that will inevitably never arise. So instead of putting things off, such as blog posts and other things, I want to actively take control of this perfectionism problem and be productive. Having something done is always better than trying to get it perfect.


To do well without the added stress – and by this I mean to actively study a little more throughout the terms rather than having huge bought of stress near exam time, I’m sure my body and brain will thank me for this!!


Keep on top of a schedule – I was so good back in the summer where I had a consistent schedule for posting and it was all done in advance, I really miss those care-free days but since I have a lot more on my plate, I need to learn to effectively balance it all. Wish me luck!!

I still find it hard to believe this is going to be the last post of 2017, I really want to end it with a bang!! I’ve had an incredible year of blogging, of reading other people’s blog posts and of course, building my own little community in my small corner of the blogosphere. I have so many plans to improve my content and further my writing skills in this new year to come. Lastly, I wish you all the very best 🙂




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