Blog Updates #4 Where am I now? + Blogmas?!

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Get ready everyone, it’s like the millionth blog updates post I’ve published and potentially the billionth time I’ve decided to make some changes to it.

Sadly, in my last few posts I’ve mentioned, how due to exam season and deadlines that are creeping in ever so close that I’ve had to put my education first and my blog after everything else I deem important. Yet this doesn’t mean I’ll stop blogging, I still very much consider this as my number one passion and am still looking forward to making my platform bigger and better.

However, the one thing I know I need to work on is being consistent, which might end up being slightly harder than normal because I’m now part-time employed (more on this later!!) and I’m still pretty much powering through my degree. The first semester of my second year is now coming to a close and my schedule though it’s pretty empty, just means it’s now time to put my head down and grind. But unlike all the other times I’ve had to do this, this year (or what’s left of it) I want to try something a little different.

I won’t delve too much into the changes I’ll be making too much right now, mainly because I want to deliver all this exciting news in the new year, but as for the last few weeks here’s what you can expect:

Even though it’s already halfway through blogmas, I’ve decided to publish a new post every day until December 31st, now this will be a mix of my usual posts, with a few new experiences and updates on what I’ve been through and more personal entries.  


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