Feeling Funky

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As most of you already know, or for those of you who don’t, it’s incredibly close to January exams right now and for me a period of sleep deprivation, extremely tight time management and a general low mood. That’s technically how it goes for students pretty much all around the world, the whole aura surrounding what it means to be a student. 

But for my fellow students at exam time and anyone else going through a rough patch or funk, whether this is big, small, short or long. A funk is a temporary state of being and despite how things may seem there’s always ways to bring your inner self back to life. 

Let yourself feel what you’re meant to be feeling: this probably seems contradictory to what I just mentioned about getting out of a funk, but bear with me, I do have a point!! Letting yourself feel what you’re feeling and also doing whatever you desire during this period, whether it be staying up and watching movies or eating desserts is okay, you’re human, let yourself live a little. 

Don’t push to be okay when you’re not: it’s so tempting to pretend to pick yourself up and carry on with life, at times I understand this may be necessary, but this easy fix won’t get you far at all. Talk to yourself and take a step back, understand that it’s okay to not be okay, life will never be a linear line, there’ll be peaks and troughs and despite the difficulties, you’ll come through. 

Express gratitude: it’s so easy when you’re in a funk to be mad at the world and potentially everyone in it, it feels like everything is working against you, that people have something against you. But don’t let your mind fool you, there’s a saying that states that when you’re grateful you can’t be angry and when you’re angry you can’t be grateful. Therefore, expressing gratitude is somewhat like the key to removing these negative emotions, yet I know that when you’re in this state it’s hard to express this. So the best thing you can do is start small, list a few good things that happened today or 3 things you’re grateful for, this small list should start a chain reaction and you’ll find yourself in awe of all things you’ve previously taken for granted.      

Know your key habits: usually, when we fall into these ‘funks’ it’s because of a change in routine, something somewhere along the wrong has malfunctioned and as a result, has left us feeling not so great. One of my key habits is waking up early, honestly, I wake up every morning wanting to hit that snooze button a million times but at the end of the day, I’m wasting my time. And if I don’t have enough time, I won’t be able to meditate or go through my daily morning routine in a calm manner, this then sets the tone for the rest of my day. A good start will always improve my day, regardless of what happens I never seem to regret it. 

So next time you find yourself in a funk, listen to your inner self and remind yourself that you’re only human, things will eventually go your way. 

Image result for quotes about being in a funk


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