Embracing Positivity #BEABOSS SERIES

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I am one of those people who goes through two different attitudes on an almost daily basis, one where I’m at my optimum productivity level whereby I’m focused, motivated and actively getting things done; and the other being the complete opposite end of the spectrum, I’m tired, unable to focus and generally being really, really lazy. Now I wish I had some sort of in-between phase, but as of right now I’m lacking in self-discipline, hopefully, this will clear up soon.  

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When I was younger I was never much into the whole idea of self-development, I considered those who went into that sort of lifestyle as being quite strange, we as humans, are more than capable of dealing with ourselves in whatever way we wish, why do we need to ask for help? Looking back on this belief I once held, I realise how naive and possibly ignorant I was to think like that, and it didn’t hit me until recently that I needed help to figure out how to deal with my somewhat troubled past and move on from it.

One of the things that I learnt was the importance of happiness, it’s one of the most thought about concepts and honestly, the most asked question, yet deep down the continuous revival of this says something, that deep down we’re not as happy as we’d like to be. But just like any other emotion, happiness is fleeting and it’s not about staying happy all the time, but the strategies we can use to bounce back into that state.

Time to declutter & spring clean: One of the best ways to bring happiness into your life is to get rid of the excess negative emotional baggage, out with the old and in the new!! Learning to seek when you need it and approaching whoever you wish to, within reason, and simply venting can help you mentally, from then on you can start with a clean slate.

Utilise any resources that will inspire/motivate you: I’m slightly old-fashioned when it comes to the resources that I like to use to help myself, they mainly consist of books, reading quotes, blogging and watching YouTube videos. Creating the perfect toolbox that you can come back to over and over again when you’re in a rut can help you quick start your life.

Figure out when you start falling & fight it: Through my own experiences, I’ve found that there’s a whole bunch of negative habits that I was previously unaware of that contributed to me falling back into a rut again. These included procrastination, and even the small things around me like a change in someone’s mood. Even though they didn’t really have the capacity to hurt me, I was passive and let many things bother me. Learning what these negative habits are can make it easier to start counter-acting them and fighting off negativity.

Change up your routine & environment: As a person who loves a strict routine and schedule, becoming used to things and having a mundane routine can have a negative effect in the sense that it’s not actively contributing to your happiness. A change in mindset can come from a change in your environment, even if it’s just as simple as ordering a different hot drink in the mornings.

Find the things that you’re grateful for: I consider gratitude to be a huge part of my everyday life, I often myself being grateful for so many small things, like important people in my life who I can speak to. Finding what you’re grateful for enables you to live in the present moment, it helps you to stop and just focus on the time you’re in now without focusing too much on the future or even the past. It’s a great way to wind down in the evenings and can help turn a day around.

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