What does #BOSS mean to you? #BEABOSS SERIES


Everyone who reads my posts will know how much I talk about the qualities of a #boss, the importance of being ambitious, having the determination and drive to accomplish your dreams. The importance of being organised and productive, the importance of using reflection as a tool to understand how different methods can help you reach your goals. And so much more, you name it and I’ve probably already got some sort of blog post on it already.

However, there’s a lot of other surprising qualities of a boss, qualities that are considered important but don’t immediately spring to mind when the term ‘boss’ is said.

Going to bed & waking up early: this may not apply to every single one of you but the important aspect is whether or not you get enough sleep, these past few weeks I’ve been running on approximately 6-7 hours of sleep and for the most part, I was still feeling very fatigued. So instead I’ve been waking up much earlier and heading to university to tackle some work even before my day has begun, and most importantly so that I can end up sleeping much earlier too.

Sleep is definitely underrated, our bodies thrive off of sleep, and I’m not just talking about having more energy. It helps us regulate our emotions, our appetites and generally contributes to positive physical and mental well-being.  

Fighting Procrastination: I’m positive I have a blog post on this already, but just hear me out, procrastination is a parasite, when we, as humans, fall into those slumps of self-doubt and laziness, procrastination jumps in and takes away all the productivity and any type of self-fulfilment that we have. My own personal experience of this is that once I’m working on my tasks I realise it’s much easier than I’d originally thought.

Love to learn: the one mistake that many people make is thinking that the learning process is over once you’re out of education, but there’s so much more to learn. If you have a certain interest, read a book, or if books aren’t your thing, perhaps watch a video or listen to a podcast. There’s an infinite amount of information on an infinite amount of topics, seek and you shall find!! Linking to this is the idea of seeing new experiences as a learning process, and seeing mistakes as a chance to learn and grow.

Prioritise and find balance in your life: as a #boss is easier to get carried away with thinking that the only thing that matters in life is being successful, having money and means to live a lavish lifestyle. But it’s also important to know when to prioritise over success and work to other things that matter in life such as, family, friendships, relationships and more.

Knowing that you’re imperfect but self-correcting anyway: when you switch your mindset from seeing mistakes as lessons, rather than seeing it as a flaw in yourself, you learn to stop putting so much pressure on yourself. I know that’s much easier said than done because we all have a little bit of self-doubt within ourselves and fighting that is potentially one the hardest things we’ll ever learn to do. But even just taking small steps to self-correct can go a long way.

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