Losing Dreams


As you’ve probably noticed, it’s been a while since I last posted and I missed my Monday post or something that makes a little more sense is that I’ve been super busy with studying. Last week was a ‘week off’ from university, and by that, I mean no lectures or the like but instead work to catch up on. And since classes have started up again, I’ve been thrown back into a chaotic, busy schedule with a million things to do. I’m hoping to get through this and be on top of my blogging game again!!

Today’s post is more of a ‘chatty’ post about something I’ve experienced recently, instead of my usual advice giving style post. It’s what I see as quite an interesting concept, the concept itself being ‘dreams and ambitions.’ And believe me when I say I’ve spoken about my own dreams and ambitions in the past both in person and through my blog, I’ve given a multitude of advice on ways to reach your goals and the importance of doing what it takes to get to where you want to be.

However, one aspect I’ve never spoken about, mainly because I never realised it existed was the idea of being lost, the idea of losing your dreams. Now, this all sounds a little dramatic than what I’m used to saying but ever since I’ve spoken to different types of people it’s all becoming a little clearer in my own mind. I’ve met people with no clear goal or dream in life, and to me, that sounds a little absurd because of my overly ambitious nature, but they just go through life as it comes and in my opinion, that’s a really interesting way of approaching it. And on the other hand, I’ve met people, who just like myself, are lost in finding out what they want from life and where they want to be, and in some cases who they want to be.

I’ve always considered myself as a self-motivated, self-disciplined and an ambitious person, perhaps a little overly ambitious at times, but nonetheless an individual who’s always striving to reach her goals. Despite this, recently I’ve found myself buried under assignments and revision and got to a point where I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to achieve, I was blinded by my own stress, my circumstance. As a result, I created a November Goals post with an infographic summarising my main goals for the month.

Since then and perhaps since the last time I spoke about achieving my goals back in June/July of this year, the things I want to achieve have changed. I find myself exploring different options and because of the new experiences I went through I’ve become a little more open-minded.

At first, this worried me, I felt like I had no clue what I was doing with my life, or where I wanted to go, but now I’ve become more drawn to the idea that as people change, as people grow and learn through life and what it has to offer them, the dreams and ambitions they have will change, simply because they know more of the world than they used to. 


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