Wonders of Reflection & My November Goals #BEABOSS SERIES


Many of you who have read my previous posts in this #BEABOSS Series will know that I’m one of those people who always promotes the idea of working hard, the idea of success, and the idea of chasing after what you want in life. And as a person whose goal is to motivate and to inspire, this is something I absolutely love doing, I want to help others reach their goals, whilst I’m reaching mine. 

However, something else that I believe is just as important as the daily hustle is the idea of knowing when to slow down, when to reflect on the different aspects of your life. Through reflection, you begin to realise more about yourself, more about your goals and aspirations in life, and once you realise this it becomes much easier to plan and to organise. 

One thing that I’ve incorporated into my daily routine is evening self-reflection, after the end of a long day, I like to pause for however long I need to and just reflect. What was my day like? How did I feel? Did I achieve anything today? Am I moving closer towards my goals? And lastly, how can I move forward? Just by asking yourself simple questions and actively thinking about then you can begin to track aspects of your life, and most importantly, ways to reach your goal that work for you, and those that don’t. It’s the little things that can make the biggest differences.    

Those of who’ve read my October Updates post will know that October was a difficult month for me, and as a result, I’m still reeling from the negative effects of it, I’m still trying to pick myself up and become stronger despite the challenges I face. And to keep track of my life as it happens I’ve created a little graphic that has all of my November Goals so I’m constantly reminded of what it is I’m trying to achieve.

November Goals

Have you set any goals for the month? Let me know!!


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