October Updates!!


Another month has again practically flown by, I’m just here like how does time move so quickly? It honestly scares me to think that it is moving so fast. Since the summer has long gone and everyone has settled back into their normal routines of work or school with long hours and in some cases mental breakdowns, here’s a quick rundown of the month of October!! 

October was both a month of hitting rock bottom and feeling like I was unable to help myself, like it was all pointless, I was never gonna feel happy again, to obtaining the strength thanks to some of the people in my life, mainly my counsellor who gave me a whole new perspective and gradually helped me change my mindset on some crucial parts of my life. This has by far, been my biggest achievement, not just in this month but as a whole, the fact that I took the necessary steps to get help, and for those of who are interested, I’ve started a new series called Unfiltered which explains more on this. 


Despite me feeling down for most of the month I did have some enjoyable moments like outings with friends that included both deep talks about life and philosophical aspects, as well as the most random yet hilarious things. I also attended job training for the first time, which was very much out of comfort zone but I pushed myself and ended up having an amazing time, who knew you could make good friends at places like these? (I guess that’s props to me for having good social skills!!). 


Just like I mentioned in my summer updates, I’ve had a huge desire to read books regularly, I find them to be like a nourishment for the mind and soul and if they can get me off social media for a while, then that’s an added bonus. I recently picked up three books, ‘The Death Box’ by Lorna Nicholl Morgan, ‘The Marble Collector’ by Cecilia Ahern and ‘A Game of Hide and Seek’ by Elizabeth Taylor. So far I’m in the middle of The Marble Collector and though it’s slightly slow-paced I’m enjoying the character development and the development of the story as a whole. The Death Box was just so incredibly written I couldn’t put it down!!  


Another interest of mine that sparked during the summer months was my love for photography and capturing the moment, I feel like there’s something special about having photographs and how they bring you back into the moment and flood you with certain emotions, I absolutely love the nostalgia behind the photographs I’ve taken. Since autumn is my favourite month I’ve taken to capturing nature and certain special moments that mean a lot to me.

As November’s already here, here’s to another month of success, productivity and enjoyable moments, I’m hoping to make this one count!!











2 thoughts on “October Updates!!”

  1. That which you are experiencing, the incredible lows and brighter moments is what we call life. You are not alone. And, isn’t it surprising when we force ourselves to venture from our safety nets, our self-imposed isolation, what treasure we may find?

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