Unfiltered #2


It’s been an absolutely hectic weekend with barely enough time for to figure out what’s going in my life, where I am and where exactly it is I want to be, though I’m hoping in due time I’ll have the answers. Although I’ve missed a week, the #BEABOSS Series will return this Saturday with fresh, new, and hopefully inspiring content. 

Approximately three days ago I went to my very first counselling appointment and looking back on my experience now, it was potentially one of the best things that had ever happened to me. However, at the time and on my journey into university, where the meeting was taking place I couldn’t help but feel knots growing in my stomach, I knew the nerves would kick in at some point, because they always do, but ten minutes before my appointment, now that wasn’t exactly ideal.

Just like many other clinical and health centres, there’s always the dreaded waiting room, luckily this one didn’t have the same stench as the ones in hospitals and wasn’t nearly as isolating. It was a friendly environment, it had several doors for several purposes with armchairs and books, something I would actually enjoy and somewhere I’d feel comfortable. At this point, I was caught by my counsellor who, after mentioning I had arrived a little too early (ten minutes isn’t that early in my books, but I guess it’s different for everyone), went to get some supplies, tissues, a jug of water and a mini clock. What exactly had I gotten myself in to? 

Despite how I was feeling on the inside, I desperately tried to shake the nerves and concentrate on what exactly it was I was going to say, just like she’d mentioned I only had a limited amount for the session and I needed to have reached somewhere for the next session to be productive. And so, I set about pretty much explaining my life story, I jumped back and forth in time recalling any important events and examples that could support my feelings and my thoughts. As the time went by, I felt more and more comfortable, I could mention anything and the counsellor would listen patiently without judging, I seemed to have captured her interest and could tell she was formulating her own words. 

Just before the session ended, I mentioned my nerves about attending but having gotten rid of my burdens and having listened to the advice I was given, I felt an immense weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and now three days later though I’ve slipped up I can definitely say I’m in a better place with a healthier mindset. I never really thought of the positive outcomes counselling could bring, only of the stigma attached to it and hopefully through my own story I’ll be able to remove some of the stigmas and make things easier for myself and for others who may be suffering too.












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