The Sunshine Blogger Award!!


I am so incredibly honoured to receive another blogging award, the Sunshine Blogger Award,  as of right now I’ve lost count of how many I’ve actually been nominated for which is humbling. The award itself acts as a way to recognise bloggers for their inspirational content which makes happy to know that I’ve had an impact on my followers in some way or another. 

I genuinely feel grateful and appreciative of all my supporters and regular readers who’ve made my blog and I come a long way, to the point where I’ve been able to reach another milestone of 200 followers. 

However, I’m also here to thank a particular blogger in the community, Keda with the site, kedawithani, who creates the most original, creative and downright hilarious posts that I thoroughly enjoy reading, they definitely make for a good laugh at times!! 

The Questions…

What is the most challenging aspect of blogging for you?

The most challenging aspect has definitely got to be keeping up and updating my blog regularly, the reason being that this blog isn’t really the only important thing in my life, I have academic work at university, friendships and relationships, a family life, a social life. The list basically goes on, yet I’ve decided to make the commitment to post on my blog around 3-4 times a week because of how much it means to me.

Did you enjoy your first kiss? Describe the moment if you didn’t 😀

My very first kiss I received from my mother when I was born, definitely a life-changing this, especially for my family and for me, as you can probably imagine. To be fair, my memory isn’t insanely great so I no clue as to whether or not it was enjoyable. (Such a personal question, but I hope you like the twist I’ve put on it, thanks to my favourite person for the idea!!)

What would you tell your 10-year-old self about the world?

The world is a strange place and at times, well most of the time, you’ll end up fearing it, but don’t let that fear paralyse you. Take that fear and make an impact, regardless of how small it may be.

How old were you when you learned Santa and the Tooth Fairy weren’t real?

I was always told they were fake. Yes, I know that sounds a little miserable.

Did you ever try to summon Candy Man or Bloody Mary?

I have memories from primary school about trying to summon Bloody Mary, my friends were all terribly afraid and so was I at one point, but I guess that the atmosphere was just tense. Since then, I’ve completely forgotten about it, maybe I’ll try scaring my siblings with it!!

What was the best part of your day today?

Today was an incredibly important day for me personally, I took a huge step towards better mental health and well-being and am proud to say I’m still standing. I’m looking forward to the recovery stages and hoping to be where I want to be.

My Nominees… 

The Shining Gem

Lebana’s Journal

A Perspective on Life from a Shy Introvert


Congratulations to all the nominees and well done for all your hard work in creating positive, successful and inspirational content, and since the questions I was asked were all really good, I’ll be asking you these too!!



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