Creating Happiness #BEABOSS SERIES

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One of the most fundamental parts of life is finding happiness, it’s something that everyone wants to find and most of all, it’s something that everyone wants to create, a huge aspect of life that we all want to experience is enjoyment which comes from happiness. Despite what we go through, there is beauty to be found everywhere and most of all, joy.

In my opinion, the way pure joy is experienced is a change in the mental, physical and spiritual states, that moment of extreme joy comes with no worries, no stress and even no wandering thoughts, it’s the beauty of living in the moment, feeling alive and enjoying the experiences.

Although joy and happiness can be found everywhere, I’ve been able to narrow this down into 4 different categories and by recognising these categories, it is possible to live a life where happiness can be cultivated and ultimately be created.

One of the first places joy and happiness can be experienced is through human connections, there is no doubt that spending time with the important people in your life, makes you happy. The positive people you surround yourself with that give off positive energy and have a positive mindset can alter the way you see the world and perhaps even your perspective.

Another place it can be found is through participating in activities that you’re passionate about, in case you couldn’t tell a huge passion of mine is blogging and just by typing these words on a keyboard at 10am on a Friday morning brings me happiness because I’m actively pursuing my goal. Yet these activities can be as simple as drawing, journaling or creating, the most important part to note is that they should bring you joy.

By engaging all the senses, not at the same time because of sensory overload, you can experience pure joy, this probably seems really simple but if you think about the sense of taste and when you are eating delicious food or when you’re engaging your hearing by listening to your favourite song, in those moments you feel alive. 

And last but not least happiness can be found through physical movement, honestly this is a no-brainer! It’s common knowledge that moving around and generally being active releases endorphins that contribute to you feeling happy. If you’re a person who typically doesn’t like exercising, try brisk walking for approximately 15 minutes a day, you’ll definitely notice a difference.

The secret to creating your own happiness is to identify what brings you joy and to actively do those things in your everyday life, and though I’ve mentioned 4 ways that this can be achieved there’s always more to add to the list. 










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